WLP940 Mexican Lager Yeast

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From Mexico City, this yeast produces clean lager beer, with a crisp finish. Good for Mexican style light lagers, as well as dark lagers.
Attenuation: 70-78%
Flocculation: Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50-55°F
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

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Reviews provided by White Labs:

"Clean and balanced"
By: Justin
Date: Aug. 3, 2011
Beers brewed: Pre-Prohibition Pilsner
Comments: I love this yeast. I made a starter but didn't do any aeration past shaking the carboy and the fermentation took off within a day and fermented out in a little over two weeks. I wanted to brew a pilsner which showcased citrusy American hops and this yeast was perfect. Clean and balanced.

"EXCELLENT yeast strain "
By: Robb Roza
Date: Nov. 11, 2008
Beers brewed: German lager
Comments: I was looking for a German Lager to make. Well, my recipe did not achieve it, but I used 7.2# light LME, 6.2AA German Tradition, 1.5AA Hallertau Select, Irish Moss, German Salts, and this yeast and produced the smoothest Lager I have ever had in 40 years! The homebrew store owners and competitors even said nothing bad about this and it is a total keeper. I'd like to see this yeast WLP940 produced all year long. EXCELLENT yeast strain. I did two-stage fermentation as normal and always kept at 58-59 degrees in basement. I've been homebrewing for 8 years.

"An excellent yeast ... "
By: Stuart Kearney
Date: Feb. 4, 2008
Beers brewed: Pale Australian Lager
Comments: I won the South Australian and Australian Amateur Brewing Championship for the Australian Pale Ale category using this yeast. Judges comment " Excellent beer, almost too good for the style guidelines!" An excellent yeast that ferments well at lower temperatures, something of a challenge here in Australia. 


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