WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast

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Introduced in 2011, this is a super clean, super-fast fermenting strain. A low ester-producing strain that results in a balanced, neutral flavor and aroma profile. Alcohol-tolerant and very versatile for a wide variety of styles. Similar to California Ale Yeast WLP001 but it generally ferments faster. 
Optimal Fermentation Temperature: 65-68F
Attenuation: 76-83% +
Flocculation: Medium-High
Alcohol Tolerance: High

Yeast Starter Required

These are live cultures. Although the White Labs tube says you can pitch this directly into your wort without a starter, this is not a good ideal for yeast that has shipped through the mail (unless you pay for ice packs and two day air or Priority Mail shipping). We sell these live cultures with the understanding that it is your responsibility to proof the culture on arrival by making a yeast starter. If you do not have yeast starter equipment, see this link for details on ours. Thank you and enjoy!



Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

like 001 - not super fast

Review by daniel on 1/27/2014

I've found that the resulting flavor is similar to WLP001. It is faster, though not a LOT faster. Just a bit faster. Note that this needs to be kept cooler. If you don't have temp control, 001 is probably a safer bet. With temp control, no reason not to use this and get from grain to glass and shave a few days.

Just outstanding, like the name says...SD Super!!!

Review by Russ on 1/27/2013

Very clean, crisp and great attenuation. I've brewed w/ this ~ 5-6 times, and never have had it finish above 1012 FG. This is becoming my favorite yeast strand. I brew lots of IPAs n pale ales, ca gold rush, and some ambers, but mainly IPAs; i'm a hop head from Cali, so a little biased.. I use to work at a brewery in SD and have thrown a few back w/ Mr. White labs himself, great guy and humble, but i digress... this is a great yeast, i always use a starter (a couple of days b4) and it takes off w/ a couple of hours. If you haven't tried it, as they say, once you go SD, u never come back...

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