American Lager Extract 32 Lb Growler

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Our American Lager Extract is mashed with brewers corn flake adjunct, to allow the easy production of lighter corn adjunct beers. Corn adjunct is used in many commercial beers, including the largest selling imports and some top selling domestic beers. American Lager is formulated with 70% two-row pale malt and 30% brewers corn flake adjunct, to give a noticeably lighter, crisper character without losing the barley flavor (many commercial beers are brewed with 40% adjunct). Golden in color, this extract is ideal for the brewer who wants a beer with a more refreshing and crisp character than attainable with pure barley malt, without the cidery effects of adding corn sugar or corn syrup. If you want to brew something less heavy for a change, or are looking for a new flavor, try our American Lager.

This 32 pound growler jug makes it easy to pour out how much you need for one batch. We recommend this be stored refrigerated if you plan to keep it for more than 30 days after arrival.
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Spruce Tip American Lager IPA

Review by Marvin Guenther on 7/19/2018

A good extract carrier for 10 oz Willamette-Nugget hops and 1 gallon spruce tips boiled down to an extract. A balanced Hop-spruce tip flavor

May 26, 2017 by Steve

Q: I'm needing to know exactly how much (in pounds) of this LME is required to brew a 5gal batch of beer?

A: Remember that this is unhopped and you will need to add hops as well as yeast, you can use anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds per 5 gallon batch. Six pounds will make a light beer with an alcohol content of around 4.5%, while 10 pounds will make a heavy beer with an alcohol content of up to 8%

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