William's Mead Kit

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Make your own honey wine. Our mead kit features everything you need for 5 gallons of a dry, lightly spiced (with ginger) still mead (uncarbonated) except the honey. You provide 12 to 14 pounds of honey and our kit has the rest.

Includes dried yeast, yeast nutrient, ginger, citric acid, and illustrated, brew-by-number instructions. An ideal way to get started in the ancient art of mead brewing. Alcohol approximately 11%. Mead (honey wine) brewing uses standard home brewing equipment. This kit requires a primary and secondary (glass carboy for the secondary) fermenter. Also, you will need to maintain a fermentation temperature of at least 68º F. (ideally 70 to 78º F.) for 40 days.

Needed but not included: 12 to 14 pounds of honey, preferably the uncooked type (it will state if it is uncooked on the can or jar). Keep in mind that very light and delicate honey will produce a light and delicate mead, while the common grocery store amber honey may leave a slight 'baked' flavor.   Ease of Brewing: Intermediate

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Williams Mead Kit

Review by John on 3/28/2020

The mead kit arrived in a short time after ordering it. I brewed it last weekend and have it fermenting right now. The directions were easy to follow and the kit items send were easy to work with. I will have to wait to sample the mead and I can't wait.


Review by RAY on 3/6/2019


Mead kit

Review by Tom Sillman on 10/24/2018

My first try at making mead. This kit has easy follow instructions all you need is honey, water and patience to wait the 3 to 4 months for the finished product.

This was a good kit for my kid!

Review by Riki on 7/9/2016

My daughter wanted to take on my hobby, and this kit was an easy way to get her started as a brewer.

A Great Kit

Review by James M. on 6/16/2013

I've had some problems with making mead in the past but whatever comes in this kit did the trick. I used relatively inexpensive honey from Sam's Club and it worked very well; final gravity well under 1.000. My wife and I sampled a small glass when bottling and it was pretty good "young" and at room temperature. We can't wait until it ages a little longer and we chill it a bit. Looking at some other reviews, I may have to try some flavoring on the next batch. I would recommend this kit to anyone who had an interest in mead. I've paid 13 dollars for a 750 of mead at a local winery. For just over twice that I now have the equivalent of almost two cases of 750s.

Nov 02, 2022 by Njm

Q: What are the spices that are used in this kit since they are all mixed with the rest of the ingredients I would like to know

A: K21 includes Yeast Nutrient, Ginger and Citric Acid

Nov 21, 2016 by Will

Q: What yeast is included in this kit?

A: Red Star Cotes De Blanc, our item Y01.

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