4 L. UK Peated Malt

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Peated malt is pale British malt that has been smoked over a peat fire to give it a strong peat smoke character. This malt must be mashed, and should be used sparingly - use 5% or so of the total grain bill in the mash. Great for smoked porter, stout, and other beers requiring a more spicy smoke accent than given by the smoother German Rauch malt (see our item W14).

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good in imperial ipa

Review by John on 1/20/2012

I used this sparingly in an imperial ipa and it turned out to have a slight smokey finish. I will use this again.

Mar 23, 2017 by Charles Broughton

Q: What ratio would you suggest for use in a malt whisky?

A: Some whiskeys use 100% peated malt, but it depends on which type of whiskey you are trying to emulate. I would look at a few recipes by googling "scotch whiskey recipe" or "irish whiskey recipe" and see some other peoples recipes and there is usually some feedback and conversation in the forum of how it turned out.

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