1.8 L. Great Western Two Row Malt

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A popular base malt, grown and malted in the United States, ideal for American ales and lagers. Possessing moderate protein and enzymes levels, this malt produces a very clean malt flavor with a smooth finish. This malt has enough enzymes to handle up to 40% adjuncts in the mash. Lovibond 1.8° to 2.0°.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Please change the packaging

Review by Rob Cross on 1/17/2021

While I appreciate the value of the freshness, I cannot support the non-recyclable plastic-foil fused package. Williams has never disappointed, and I give the company the highest possible rating overall and I’m so thankful you’ve continued your fantastic service through the pandemic. I hope you will consider a more sustainable method of packaging for your grains.

Fantastic Storage

Review by Todd Truffin on 12/13/2019

I ordered a supply of the 2-row in 2015. Due to various personal events, that supply ended up getting stuck in my simple shed where it sat for four years with NO environmental controls through hot NC summers and hurricane seasons. This fall, four years later, I used the foil-pouch packaged ground malt to brew up a simple ale where the malt character could not hide. The result was delicious. I was amazed at the integrity of the packaging. Highly recommend.

Great Value

Review by Terry L. on 12/30/2013

I've been using this as a base malt for 3 months now. I started All-Grain Brewing because my favorite LME isn't being made anymore. Having used William's for my equipment, mostly, since about 1991, I came here for my grains and am very pleased with the color and flavor. It's great to mash my grains fresh from my grinder into the mash-tun. Makes for a fresher, crisper flavor and character. I plan on using this as a base for 90% of my brews. And the price is unbeatable. Highly recommended.


Review by Matt on 10/18/2013

I just starting using Williams Brewing about 2 months ago. I was surprised when I got my first order and all the grains were individually packaged in one pound metalized pouches. The packaging preserves the material plus makes it easy to handle while brewing.

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