420 L. German Carafa Special II Malt

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This malt is produced from de-husked barley which helps reduce the harshness usually present in highly roasted grains, while retaining the color, aroma, and body. Use for dark lagers and ales, and as an alternative to chocolate malt in stout and porter. This is a good one to try if your beers seem too 'roasty'. Use 3 to 10% in the mash.
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Absorbs All Light

Review by TODD B. on 3/1/2010

Pros: This is a great tasting malt to make very dark beers. I use it to make German Dunkel beer. Be ready, this malt absorbs all light. One pound in a five gallon batch and you will not be able to see through the beer. I love to pair this beer with BBQ. With 6 pounds of extract and 4 ozs of Hallertau hops, the caramelization and smoky taste, while not overbearing, fully complements spices and sauces. It is scary dark, though, scary for some that is. But the results are superb.

Cons: Beware, it makes very dark beer.

Aug 20, 2019 by Brian Duncan

Q: Is this the same as debittered black malt ?

A: Yes, it is very similar to debittered black malt.

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