Hurricane 60,000 BTU Propane Stove

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The Hurricane Stove features a full 60,000 BTU output, which means it will bring 5 gallons of wort to a boil in under 20 minutes. It has a massive 10” low pressure burner, for even heat distribution and quiet operation (no jet like noise like high pressure burners). Unlike high pressure stoves, this one will allow both fine simmer flame control, and produce a full 60,000 BTU’s for quick boiling. This stove can be converted to natural gas with the Hurricane Conversion Valve at right. This is the only home brewing burner we know of that includes a U.S. made LPG regulator for reliability.

The large burner means this stove can produce 60,000 BTU’s at only 2 psi of gas pressure. 13" tall, 15” burner grate inner diameter (15.25" burner grate outer diameter), and includes a 5’ barbecue propane tank hose (fits standard 20 pound barbecue tanks) and regulator. For outdoor use only.

This shows the 10" cast iron burner, which can provide 60,000 BTU's of heat at a gas pressure as low as 1 psi.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Hurricane burner

Review by Gene McClure on 12/19/2021

Excellent burner, has very good heat control.


Review by Jim irgens on 1/14/2019

Worked great boiled my water faster then on my stove had a little problem with the wind but got it done.

Seems very sturdy

Review by Tom on 8/14/2017

Seems sturdy and well-built, and certainly puts out a lot of heat. I was a little concerned that the black paint on the upper portion of the stand all turned bright white after the first firing. I do hope that's not a problem in the long term. Also, I think the description on the website should mention the burner's susceptibility to wind (the instructions included with the product as shipped do discuss the necessity of a windbreak in even a light wind). Overall, it seems worth what we spent.

Owned for several years and still works well

Review by James Rounding on 3/19/2017

I have owned this style of burner for quite a few years and it still works well . It brings wort to a boil fast and is fairly easy to control. The distribution of flame across the entire kettle is the key part of this burner. It heats nice and evenly and is very efficient on fuel.

Works very well

Review by David on 3/26/2015

It did what it was advertised to do, will look forward to many brewing sessions.

Jan 12, 2021 by bob

Q: Can this be sold without the regulator? I am using my low pressure house propane

A: No, this comes as a package from the factory.

Sep 10, 2020 by carl

Q: I live in a rural area with a whole home propane tank. Am I able to connect this to the house line on my porch similar to a gas grill, or do I need a special adapter or special regulator for that?

A: This has the same hose adapter as a gas grill so it should work fine.

Mar 17, 2018 by Dee

Q: Will this stand/windshield work - wood cabinet on bottom & a square wind shield made of porcelain tiles on top with wall clearance for the windshield of 1-2” taller than the burner (not stand) and 2” wider than the burner so that I could use a big wok.

A: It would be best to consult a local licensed plumber for this, as there are safety considerations in anything custom fabricated. Sorry we cannot be of more help on this.

Sep 27, 2017 by john

Q: Does the burner still put out 60k BTU's when converted to natural gas, or is it less?

A: A little less, figure 55,000 BTU's or so.

Jul 28, 2017 by Tom

Q: We bought this with the natural gas conversion valve. The Hurricane comes equipped with a 5-foot hose with LP gas regulator. I want to know if I should remove the regulator to run it directly from my natural gas pipe, just like my grill. Anyone know?

A: Yes, the regulator is only for high pressure LPG use.

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