10" Low Pressure Gas Burner

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Fabricate your own burner. This is a 10" low pressure banjo style burner for use with house natural gas or a LPG propane tank. Produces 60,000 BTU's with high pressure LPG gas, and about 56,000 BTU's with lower pressure house natural gas.  Includes mounting screws, a butterfly valve, and a spring to go around your Orifice Valve (not included, see options above).This does not include a needed Orifice Valve for either LPG (Propane BBQ tank) or natural gas. Choose your orifice based on your needs.

NATURAL GAS HOOKUP: For natural gas, you will need the optional Natural Gas Orifice (our item Q86), as well a 3/8" male flare flexible gas connection line available at a hardware or plumbing store. You may also need our item X47 1/2" NPT to 3/8" Flare adapter to adapt your house gas piping to accept the 3/8" flexible gas connection hose.

PROPANE TANK HOOKUP: For a 15 or 20 pound propane bbq tank, you will need the optional LPG Orifice (our item L52), as well as regulator and hose assembly for propane (our item L49).
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Just what I needed!

Review by Stephen Lynch on 11/14/2018

Exactly what I was looking for and worked better than expected. The natural gas convert valve is what sold me and saved me a lot of extra shopping. Plus best price available. Very happy with my purchases!

Beefy Burner

Review by Scott A. on 12/28/2017

Looks well built. I have not put it in use yet.

Feb 16, 2021 by Mark

Q: What are the BTUs using natural gas?

A: About 55,000 to 60,000

Oct 24, 2020 by Bob

Q: Sorry to be a pain, but one more question. If I get the propane valve/orifice, what will the expected BTUs be? Thanks again!

A: The output using LPG is 60,000 BTU.

Oct 20, 2020 by Bob

Q: To clarify my question is will the propane jet work with low pressure propane? I have everything to connect up to it.

A: Yes, use the propane valve item L52 with this burner and propane.

Oct 12, 2020 by Bob

Q: I am moving into a house with propane gas service. Looking for a low pressure burner for my 12 gallon brewing setup. Will this work? Thanks!

A: While this low pressure burner is designed to work with propane or natural gas using the correct gas valve. Item L52 for propane or Q86 for natural gas. As far as what you will need to hook it up to your house, you will need to consult with a licensed contractor to find out what else is needed to complete the installation.

Aug 19, 2018 by KarolK Boop

Q: Need to have dimensions of the L48 burner I know it's 10"diameter but need total length and height.

A: Total length is 15", and the total height is 5"

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