1/2"Thermoplastic Tubing (Sold Per Foot)

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This Thermoplastic tubing can withstand temperatures of 275 degrees F., and is food grade. Ideal for piping wort into wort chillers by gravity, although not recommended for pump applications (see our thicker wall tubing L69).  This tubing is 1/2" in interior diameter, and 5/8" in interior diameter (1/16" wall). This is the tubing in the middle of the above picture.

Sold per foot, when you enter a quantity of 5, for example, you will get one five foot length.

Average rating 5 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Wouldn't suggest for boiling hot wort transfer

Review by Scott Campbell on 1/1/2018

I had purchased this product for use in my whirlpool set up via a pump. Unfortunately, the lines didn't just kink, but collapsed as well almost entirely thus restricting flow to almost nothing. The first customer service rep I emailed with didn't seem to care and would only offer a refund if I sent back the cut, and used tubing? Very odd as they could do nothing with it. I then called and spoke to someone who was extremely understanding and actually sent me some thicker walled silicone tubing. Thank you to that individual and apologies for not catching your name. Sorry for the problem you had with this tubing. Note this is the thin wall thermoplastic we recommend for gravity flow applications, we also have thicker wall thermoplastic which is suitable for pumping.

Little flimsy

Review by Bobby on 2/21/2017

Stands up to temp but is a bit to flexible and will kink. You have to get it run pretty straight. Its good for the price but I will have to replace it with the silicon tubing. I have one hose that's silicon to run from the mash tun or brew pot to my pump. Using this to move water and mash around on the pump discharge side. But its great to get me by on this project that has run out of money.

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