Brewzilla 65 Liter Gen 4 Heat Exchanger

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Do you want to speed up heating with your 65 Liter Gen 4 Brewzilla? This Heat Exchanger Dish attaches to the false bottom of your Gen 4 Brewzilla, and forces recirculating wort to pour down the edges of the false bottom, preventing it from going the path of least resistance (straight down the center drain hole). When the wort pours down the outer diameter of the false bottom, it is forced to pass over the entire heating element of the Gen 4 Brewzilla, leading to quicker wort heating and shorter brew days.

This is compatible only with Gen 4 65 Liter Brewzillas.

Installation notes:

This includes a longer Eye Bolt assembly with a wing nut. The order of bolt to washer to nuts goes as follows: Eye bolt, washer, false bottom, washer, nut, HED then wing nut. This is so that the eye bolt does not come completely removed when and if you clean underneath the Heat Exchanger Dish.

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