If you are in need of a homebrew keg, we carry a wide selection of kegs in various sizes so you can choose the keg best suited to your needs.


5 Gallon NSF Keg King Keg

If you are looking for a home brew keg with a larger capacity, check out the 5 Gallon NSF Keg King Keg. This keg is much like its smalller counterparts, but can hold a larger amount of brew.

13 Gallon Kegmenter Ball Lock Keg

A 13.2 gallon 304 stainless keg with a 4" diameter tri clover lid on the top. Ball lock fittings with dip tubes are built into the lid so you can use this as either a large ball lock keg or a 10 gallon fermenter.  The Kegmenter features a 50 PSI rating (with relief valve) so it can be used as either a keg or a pressurized fermenter if desired.

Whether you are in need of a small homebrew keg or something with a larger capacity, William’s Brewing stocks a wide variety of kegs and is sure to have a keg available for your brewing needs!