Oxebar Silicone Dip Tube Adapter

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This silicone elbow is a replacement for the elbow provided in the PCO38 Tapping Head Kit. Allowing for a 90 degree connection between the barb on the yellow liquid plastic carbonation cap and the 6.3mm OD dip tube provided in the kit (or use L56 6.3mm EvaBarrier Tubing with this).



May 15, 2023 by Jim Long

Q: Does this also fit your D60 Duotight Universal Stainless carb/cleaning cap, espec. when used with the P88 low-profile head?

A: Yes, this item fits the barb on the D60 Duotight Universal Stainless carb/cleaning cap. It can be tough to attach to the barb, as it will need to be installed after you attach the D60 to the P88 low-profile head. You will need needle nose plyers or tweezers to hold the elbow as you attach it to the barb.

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