Cornelius Poppet Valve

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For all Cornelius (pin and ball-lock) kegs. Keep in mind that many Cornelius kegs on the used market have been rebuilt with poppets that do not look like this one, but this is the correct poppet valve that should be used for best results with Cornelius ball or pin-lock fittings. Does not fit our aftermarket P53 and P55 Cornelius type keg posts.
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The real deal

Review by Browneye on 2/18/2019

If you have CORNELIUS kegs then this is the one you need. I have Firestone Challenger V1's too, they take the D78. Get the right one for the kegs YOU have and they'll work right too. They get tired and the seal goes flat and your gas will leak - cheap update. Good time to replace all the seals too - I have found all used kegs have hammered tube seals under the posts. So the posts and lid might get the seals replaced, no one seems to pull the liquid and gas tubes and replace the o-rings on them.

Nice to have a tank that holds pressure

Review by Paul W. on 5/10/2010

Pros: These are great to have on hand. I've been able to refurbish several cheap kegs and save money. Be sure to put some Keg Lube one them during reassembly.

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