FLOTit Floating Dip Tube

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Do you want to drink the clearest beer possible as soon as possible? The FLOTit 2.0 Floating Dip Tube includes a stainless mesh filter, to filter out hop particles before they come into your beer lines. It also features a stainless float that is only 1½" in diameter, which means it will fit in Sankey kegs that have been converted to ball lock with our Sankey Ball Lock Lid item C31.  

Installs in a couple minutes - just unscrew the beer post on your ball lock keg, remove the long dip tube, insert the provided shorter pick up tube, and attach the silicone tubing to the underside of the tube. Now dangle the hole assembly in the keg and cut the tubing so the float rests on the bottom of the keg.   22" of tubing are included, to fit everything from a converted Sankey commercial keg to a 5 gallon Corny keg.

Includes 22" of tubing, dip tube adapter, 304 grade stainless float with attached stainless mesh filter, and replacement seal gaskets for the mesh filter. 

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