Cornelius Rebuild Kit

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Includes Rubber Diaphragm Assembly, Seat Cartridge, and other parts as needed for rebuilding square-bodied Cornelius regulators.

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Rebuild Kit

Review by Bruce on 11/12/2020

I used the rebuild kit and my regulator works much better. Money and time well spent.

did not work for me

Review by jeff on 1/8/2016

I ordered one of these kits recently to try to rebuild a square body Cornelius regulator approx. 23 years old. I followed the instructions, used all the parts, but the unit still leaked badly, and the diaphragm fluttered uncontrollably as the pressure was increased so I gave up. I attribute this to the age of the regulator more then any defect in the kit itself. I felt the unit would not be safe if used. Time to buy a new one!

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