Nukatap Single Complete Flow Control Stainless Tower

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The Nukatap brushed stainless 3" draft tower will add a special touch to your home bar. These can be installed on the top of small refrigerators, and also on the top of a bar surface with a refrigerator underneath. All stainless Nukatap faucet with flow control is included, along with an all stainless DuoTight Nukatap Shank and 5' of EvaBarrier 4mm by 8mm beer tubing. In addition, 8' of EvaBarrier 5mm by 8mm gas tubing is included in case you need to hook up a gas line.

This tower is foam-insulated and features a wide 3" body for good cold air circulation (wider towers help keep the top of the tower colder, as they facilitate the flow of cold air from your refrigerator into the tower).

 Towers must be mounted (you need a 3" holesaw) so cold refrigerator air can flow into the tower. Nickel-plated 1½" wood screws and base sealing rubber gasket are included. 12½" tall (16" tall with faucet handle attached), 3" diameter.

This tower can be made self closing by purchasing optional Self Closing Spring item I23.

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