Nukatap Flow Control Self Closing Spring

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The NukaTap Flow Control is the worlds only forward sealing flow control tap that can use a auto close spring.  By inserting the spring between the flow control device and NukaTap shuttle you add auto close function to the NukaTap Flow Control Faucet. 

Note: This spring does not fit Intertap Flow Control faucets or the regular Nukatap faucet. For the regular Nukatap faucet, use our item L30 instead.

Sep 14, 2021 by D

Q: Since the spring goes on the internal of the faucet, I can use a regular shank for this correct? Or do i still need the specialized nukatap shank?

A: It will fit on a regular shank, but the full flow control range will be limited, because the shuttle will hit the back of the non Nukatap shank before it reaches full restriction. So it will work pretty well, just with 90% of its flow control range instead of 100%.

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