CMB Gas Ball Lock Fitting With Check Valve

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This German made connector features a one way check valve, to allow gas into a keg, while preventing beer from seeping out. These release pressure at 3psi. For the gas side (usually marked IN) of a ball-lock equipped keg. This fitting is threaded, and fits our D03 and D21 Gas Connectors, as well as our D66 barbed adapter. 3" tall.

Note: These are precise factory fitted pressure valves, and should not be taken apart for cleaning (internal parts are not available as spares, and an assembly diagram is not available). 

Average rating 7.75 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

CMB Ball Lock w/ check valve

Review by John on 2/23/2023

I have one of these on each of my kegs in my kegerator and find them to be well made. Word of warning DO NOT take them apart, ask me how I know.

expensive but worthless

Review by Kyle Davison on 2/20/2020

German engineering not withstanding this is junk. it seems to work at first any fluctuations in pressure will cause the internal pieces to shift and beer will seep back into your gas lines. William's Brewing Responds: Please contact customer service at 800-8759-6025 or and we will send a warranty replacement.


Review by Mark Bancroft on 12/11/2017

Well built Connector. Keeps the beer out of my CO2 lines. Works great. Highly recommend.

Fantastic Product

Review by BP Diamond Flash on 7/5/2017

I am beyond pleased with this ball lock check valve. It is high quality well built mechanizim. No liquid dares to get in your lines. I pressurized this valve up to 50psi (which I believe is beyond the manufactures suggested pressure) and it still worked incredibly well. The see through color is also pretty cool. Liquid does get into the valve cavity. I just make sure to clean it out by force carbonating warm water and then purging the valve with a pressurized line. wha la clean valve. Planning on buying 5 more.

gas check valve connector

Review by Kevin on 8/18/2015

So far they work as described and do a good job at keeping the beer from backing up into the gas line. I have ten of them hooked up, and ordered 4 more for a friend after he saw mine when I reordered the last time. The 3 psi may interfere with conditioning, and the beer seems to pour slowly, but time will tell. It would be great if there was a way to adjust the psi in the valve.

Dec 21, 2017 by SC

Q: Will this let gas out of a keg and stop when any liquid starts to come out or will it not even let gas out? Thanks

A: This will prevent gas from escaping a keg. Keep in mind it has a limit of around 35 PSI, so it will not prevent high pressure beer (30 PSI or more) from leaking back into the lines.

Oct 12, 2017 by Mark B

Q: Hi - do you sell a barb adapter to got to 3/16 tubing please?

A: We only have a 1/4" barbed adapter, it is part D66, and will fit this product. You can often dip 3/16" tubing in very hot water to soften it, and it will fit 1/4" barbs. You might also check out our part L93, which is a 3/16" hose barb swivel elbow that fits this product.

Feb 23, 2017 by John Onstwedder III

Q: What is meant by release pressure 3psi? You can't charge a keg to 10psi?

A: Release pressure means the pressure needed to activate the check valve so gas can flow into the keg. You can certainly charge a keg to 10 PSI or higher.

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