Temp Twister Bucket Buddy & Brewzilla Lid

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#3 Silicone Stopper With Hole
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This stainless gasket sealed lid fits the 35 Liter Bucket Buddy KegLand Fermenter, and also fits the 35 Liter Brewzilla and Robobrew. Has mounting holes for a Temp Twister, as well as for a item C40 KegLand Thermowell. Also includes a hole that fits a #3 stopper (not included, order item L66 if needed) for your airlock. 

Add the versatility of your heated Bucket Buddy Fermenter by adding this cooling coil lid. 

Jan 19, 2023 by Logan

Q: Does this fit the bucket Bucket Buddy w/ Heating - 65L Stainless Steel Fermenter with Integrated 60W Element - 110-120V Item Number: FE192

A: No, it only fits the 35 Liter version.

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