26" Easy-Siphon (For 1/2" Tubing)

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A siphon starter for 5 and 6½ gallon carboys. Includes a plunger tube with sealing synthetic food grade cup (to fit our 1/2" interior diameter transfer tubing). Just pull the plunger tube back, install transfer tubing on the curved end, place in a full carboy, and press the plunger forward to start a siphon. A great aid for siphoning from carboys. Siphon tubing not included, order below. 28” long, 1” diameter.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Much faster racking than with the smaller siphon

Review by Max Stout on 5/30/2014

I finally wore out my 5/16" Auto-Siphon and bought this. The bigger, 1/2" diameter tube means I can rack a 5 gallon batch in about 5 minutes, instead of 15 minutes. The bottom cap tapers to a narrow point, about 1/8" in diameter, which means there's not a big tip touching the bottom and stirring up a lot of trub. The tiny point barely stirs up anything if you hold it steady.

Works great!

Review by John on 12/27/2013

Functions as it should. Just a touch to big to fit in my carboys. I'll have to get the next size smaller.

Siphon everything

Review by Paul on 9/7/2011

whether you are draining ice water from the garbage can your keg is in, transferring sanitizing solution or moving wort, you will be surprised at what a time and labor saver this is. Avoid Lacto bacteria as well.

Much faster than the original auto siphon

Review by Jeff C. on 9/3/2011

I bought this siphon when it was time to replace the original auto siphon. When it arrived, I was surprised at it's length. I never had any issues siphoning from ale pails or 5 gallon carboys with the prior length. This one doesn't quite fit in my kitchen sink, so you will have to pump with it to sanitize if this is your case too. As for operation, smooth sailing all the way. 1 1/2 pumps and my beer was flowing from primary to secondary in a matter of minutes. It is remarkably faster due to the larger diameter. I would recommend getting this one over the original any day! Keep in mind you need to upgrade your tubing to 1/2 internal diameter too. You cannot use the old tubing if you are upgrading!

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