22" Easy-Siphon (For 3/8" Tubing)

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A siphon starter for 5 and 6½ gallon carboys. Includes a plunger tube with sealing synthetic food grade cup (to fit our 3/8" interior diameter transfer tubing). Just pull the plunger tube back, install transfer tubing on the curved end, place in a full carboy, and press the plunger forward to start a siphon. A great aid for siphoning from carboys. Siphon tubing not included, order separately below. 22” long, 1” diameter.

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Works perfectly

Review by Glenn on 8/3/2016

It works exactly as it should. However, the catalog description could be better. There is a "cup" that can be pressed over the bottom of the outer tube to induce a downward liquid flow into the unit, which helps exclude trub from being pulled in. The photo in the catalog does not show this feature, and the description does not mention it.

Sip on works great

Review by Mark on 11/25/2015

This works great. Easy to clean.

3/8 Siphon

Review by joe on 11/22/2014

Works great, no problems getting flow started. Does exactly what it is supposed too.

Good but flawed

Review by james on 12/28/2012

It is really nice to start a siphon, but it sucks everything up quickly, and gets whole hops and spices logged quickly if you have them in your brew. Also 2 have broken on me in a year and a half. It was nice to get it going, but seemed more trouble in the long run.


Review by ITSMYKE on 6/3/2012

Well worth the investment. It's easy to sanitize and easy to start when you're ready.

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