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Our Priming Tank makes priming and bottling simple - just fill with beer, stir in the priming sugar, and bottle directly from the valve. Messy siphoning is not needed. To reduce the possibility of beer splashing and the resultant oxidation, a 7" flexible thermoplastic filler tube is included so the beer fills a bottle from the bottom without splashing. This arrangement is faster than filling with a bottle filler and siphon, as a bottle filler has a smaller valve opening. The included Bottling Valve swivels sideways so you can lay the Priming Tank flat on a table between uses. The Priming Tank is made of translucent plastic, so you can see the beer level from outside the tank.

Unlike our Siphonless Fermenter, our Priming Tank does not include an invert tube back nut, as it is not needed, except during the first few active days of fermentation, when large quantities of yeast are produced. Our Priming Tank also makes a great secondary fermenter - just transfer from our Siphonless, and lock the item E97 Siphonless lid in place (the Siphonless lid fits the Priming Tank).

Includes bottling valve, thermoplastic filler tube, and instructions. Lid not included, and is not generally needed, unless you use your Priming Tank as a secondary fermenter. Made of BPA-free food grade plastic. 18” high, 13” deep.

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Average rating 7.8 out of 10 ( based on 5 reviews )

two thumbs up

Review by JP on 11/23/2016

I will confess right off I have never used this bucket with a spigot as a priming tank. I own six of these Williams products. Use one for StarSan, one for peracetic acid, the last four hold filtered water for the mash and hot liquor kettle. The spigot makes transfer of sanitizer into carboys, corny's or flasks a quick chore. Slip the transfer tube on the spigot, then onto a racking cane and into the carboy. Reverse with carboy up and tank down and siphon back. Used them for years and never broke one yet. Never leak as they have a good gasket. Just remember to order the lid, sold separately.

Flawless Performer

Review by John on 10/11/2016

I used this fermenter for grapes and got an excellent first fermentation. It was easy to handle and clean. I notice comments here about the pour spout, but I had no problems with mine leaking or coming off. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another of these.

great value

Review by Sean L. on 5/11/2010

Pros: great value, spout is easy to use and does not leak when closed.

Cons: a little tricky to install the spout the first just right so it doesn't leak around gasket.

Works for me

Review by Gilbert s. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Does what it's suppose to do. It's nice to bottle without having to use a siphon.

Cons: None that I can see.


Review by jonus w. on 8/8/2008

Pros: This beer is GREAT. I was reluctant to buy it because I saw that it was fairly highly hopped but it was great. If you like a beer like Sam Adams Boston Lager, then you will like this. (doesn't taste the same but similar in strength IMO. This is a bit stronger) Very flavorful and has a great aroma and a floral overtone. Nice Amber color. Mine is 3 weeks old and hasn't mellowed much like others have said but thats ok with me. I will buy this again.

Cons: NONE

Cons: i have had a lot of issues with the spout coming off while transferring buckets to prime. even after having ensuring it is tight

Oct 30, 2019 by Bryan Ware

Q: How do I add the fermenter lid and air lock assy to this priming yank?

A: You will need the following items: Q09 the lid E01 the airlock E60 the stopper and E96 the o-ring for the lid

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