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Designed by Wyeast for beer fermentations. A blend of diamonium phosphate, vitamins, yeast hulls, and yeast extract. Helpful when brewing sugar beers, mead, or making up a yeast starter.


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by Will Schmit
on 9/14/2018
from NM
I use it in every batch
I clone 1000ml of yeast every Saturday, and along with 100 grams of DME, I add 1/2t of nutrient.  I have never had a batch not start...
by Jon D
on 11/23/2016
from Memphis
Good for than just beer
Excellent product that I have used for years. Never had a stuck fermentation while using this nutrient as recommended. Not just in homebrews, but in mead also. I e-mailed the Wyeast Company to check because I had no wine nutrients on hand and they felt this product would more than cover my nutrient needs for my Cyser recipe. Using 3 staggered additions of 1/4 tsp. along with I/2 tsp. of DAP at onset of fermentation, at 24 and then at 72 hours, it worked great.
by David
on 3/27/2015
from Honolulu
A great addition
Yeast nutrients, along with oxygenation and a yeast starter, has greatly improved my fermentation and beer.  This is highly recommended.
by Jeremy
on 11/7/2012
from Fairfax
Standard wort addition now
I've been using this additive now for about 2 vials worth, never had a bad fermentation, they always go like rockets, I wouldn't think of brewing without it now.
by Kathleen S.
on 3/26/2008
Great Product
Pros: Great stuff, used the recommended amount, and my starter took off much faster than usual, approx 3 hrs vs. the usual 8-12. Used it in a starter that was culturing from the dregs from 3 bottles of the last batch of cider. No activity in 24 hrs prior to adding the nutrients, vigorous activity in 5 hrs after adding! 

Cons: None
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9/30/2018 12:04:20 PM
Is this the blend on Wyeast's website that also contains zinc? Thanks!
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