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Why aerate your wort? Yeast needs oxygen to reproduce and produce strong cell walls. If the cell walls are weak, the yeast will have a low tolerance for alcohol, and can die before fully fermenting out the wort. Particularly in worts with starting gravities in excess of 1.050, this can contribute to long lag times, slow ferments, and higher than normal finishing gravities. Like an air stone in a fish tank provides oxygen for fish to breathe, wort aeration provides needed oxygen for yeast respiration and growth.

 The advantage of the Oxygen Aeration System is that the wort can be aerated to 60% of its oxygen holding capacity in just 20 seconds, something that takes our Air Aeration System 5 minutes to accomplish. This shorter aeration means less foaming of the wort before pitching, an important consideration in higher gravity beers. This system includes a finer .5 micron aeration wand, for better oxygen distribution (although it is more likely to clog than the wider 2 micron stone).

Includes 22" Aeration Wand with a 2 micron stainless aeration stone, 4' of tubing, and an Oxygen Regulator for standard hardware store oxygen welding tanks. Pictured red oxygen bottle is not included, these disposable 1.4 and 2.1 ounce left hand thread bottles can be purchased at any hardware store in the welding or brazing section. One bottle will aerate 20 to 30 batches. Pictured glass carboy is not included.

Why buy a William's Oxygen Aeration System?  It has a 22" stainless wand, longer than any other system, so you can easily reach the bottom of a 5 or 6 gallon fermenter without dipping the plastic tubing into the wort.  You can choose between the slightly more efficient .5 micron stone, or the easier to maintain 2 micron stone. 

Unlike other Oxygen Aeration Systems, all parts are made in U.S.A.


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by Patrick Pierce
on 8/27/2018
from Texas
2 micron aeration system
Great addition to the worlds smallest brewery! Really beats shaking the wort.
by Dr. Rev. Bear
on 3/26/2017
from Madison, OH
Great Kit
Great kit. Works as advertised. Threads well, seems to aerate very well. I was a bit skeptical as to the benefits of aeration, but I tried it and I was very surprised at how active the fermentation was.
by Jay
on 6/1/2016
from GA
Some articles say to keep O2 levels low. Some articles say yeast need O2. I tried this on 2 brews in the last few weeks and the results are even more explosive fermentation than with stepped up yeast. 
by lincoln
on 11/26/2015
from chicago
good system
This is a great kit.  The metal tip is easy to sanitize.  The valve threads well onto the tank; it does not leak or cross-thread on the O2 tank like some other systems.
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Joe Wood
2/4/2018 12:22:51 PM
Is the aeration stone attached/fixed to the wand? Can the stone be removed from the wand?
It is press fit and cannot be removed.
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