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Our Whiskey Barrel Stout is a strong stout with oak and whiskey flavors blending with the rich black malt base. Nine ounces of your whiskey or bourbon are needed when bottling this beer to give it a distinctive flavor, which you control by the type of spirit used. We used Jack Daniels Old No. 7® which produced a classic whiskey profile, although you are free to try any quality whiskey or bourbon. Alcohol: 9-10%, IBU's 35.

Includes 11 pounds of our blended malt extract, flavoring and aromatic hops, granular oak, spices, liquid yeast, and carbonating sugar. This kit is rated advanced because  a Yeast Starter Kit, Ssecondary Fermenter, and Oxygen Aeration System are required.

We recommend a minimum of 3 months aging on this one, to give the oak, whiskey, and malt flavors a chance to blend. Click on the More Info link above to see a picture of this beer in the glass.

Click for a pdf of the brewing instructions.

Advanced Brewing Kit Special Brewing Requirements:

Due to the high alcohol level and subsequent need to give the yeast every opportunity to fully ferment this beer, you must have a Yeast Starter Kit and an Oxygen Aeration System to brew this kit. See our items Q27 and S78 for details. Also, the wort must be held at a minimum of 68 degrees F. during the entire ferment.  


This shows our Whiskey Barrel Stout after 3 months in the bottle.


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by Joseph
on 11/28/2014
from Bartlett
Incredible! Favorite of all my friends and family.
I fermented this in a Blichmann Fermenator and used Larceny Bourbon.  It turned out absolutely incredible!  Very well balanced.  Used 7 oz. of Larceny Bourbon and it turned out perfect...not too strong or hot and added a really nice flavor.  Have it on tap with 6 other beers and it's by far everyone's favorite!
by Jason
on 10/4/2014
from Peyton
Great kit, yummy!
by Scott
on 4/15/2013
from Albion
Smooth and hearty!
Have made this over 120 times already....a favorite of my friends. Used a whole bottle of Jack Daniels! 
by james
on 1/5/2013
from N. Babylon
patience is a must
I brewed this beer as my first brew. super easy and delicious. only thing I would have to say in a negative way is my bottles became explosive, well some not all which I attribute to beginners mistakes and not stirring in properly. the remaining survivors became wonderful after 11-12 months. at which time this beer became something to brag about. also I wish I could have more of a oak flavor but that's just me being picky. 
by Shawn R.
on 11/5/2012
from PA
Best Stoudt Ever
Brewed this on a whim and so glad that I did. Had trouble with the yeast starting but bought another smack pack and off it went. Used 14oz of excellent Scotch and started drinking after a month in bottles. Each couple of bottles gets better and my friends want me to make more. Great kit
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9/18/2017 5:41:02 PM
What would the OG range most likely be for this kit? I forgot t o take a reading.
OG should be around 1.090
Charles J.
11/1/2016 2:22:34 PM
If I brew the Whiskey Barrel Stout and age it in an actual wet 5 gal. Bourbon barrel, how long should I age it and at what gravity would I bottle after the aging process?
Once you add the whiskey or bourbon in the wet barrel, give it at least 3 months to age. The final gravity will vary but generally is about what is on the instructions.
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