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Like the traditional weizenbeers of Southern Germany, our Weizenbeer is formulated with 60% wheat malt for a unique soft flavor and outstanding head retention. The Hallertau hopping rate is low, balancing the sweetness of the malt without masking the soft wheat flavor. To make our Weizenbeer completely authentic, we include a blend of two liquid yeasts - a traditional wheat beer yeast for the slightly wild, clove-like character of wheat beer blended with a mild ale yeast to temper the stronger wheat yeast-produced flavors. Alcohol: 3.9%, IBU's 28.

Includes 6 lbs. of our blended wheat malt extract, Hallertau hops, 125 ml of liquid wheat beer yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of 1.039. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

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by b farrar
on 9/2/2017
from cleveland,oh
hefe wiezen kit k19
wrote a previous review on 8/ is done after a odd beginning. yeast smelled awful during fermentation but u guys said it was ok so i proceeded onward.added some sweet orange peel & some cracked cloves at end of boil & let her rip.great beer,different style but very refreshing & its hard to stop drinking.i think the yeast gave it a different presentation from most.u guys have the best kits.this is a summer keeper (maybe year round) B.Farrar
by Richard S.
on 8/1/2017
from Iowa, USA
Great Weizenbeer
I've spent a lot of time in Bavaria, Germany and I learned to enjoy Hefe Weizenbier there.  It has become more popular in the USA in recent years, and it is a favorite of craft brewers and local brew pubs.  I have  made many batches of the Williams Weizenbeer and it is a favorite of many of my friends - and me, too!

I make sure that I let a little bit more yeast siphon off the bottom when I'm transferring my beer from the 5 gallon Williams plastic fermentor to a 5 gallon tank I use for priming and bottling.  I also let the fermentation go several extra days and I get the specific gravity down to about 1.1.  The extra time during fermentation adds some yeast flavor that I like a lot.  I've also learned to stir the added sugar used for priming very well - and to keep stirring as I bottle. 
When I pour the finished beer I use the Bavarian technique: store the bottle upright.  Pour the beer down the side of the glass slowly - and then swirl the bottle and dump in the yeast.
by Kristian
on 11/28/2014
from New Zealand
Great Brew!
Easy Brew and tastes better than a lot of craft wheat beers you can find here in New Zealand.
Ordering again now.... :)
by Paul
on 9/15/2014
from Fairfax
Reminds me of the old country
I spent 8 years living in Germany. I have a pretty good idea of what a good Weizenbier should taste like.  This is it.  If done properly and according to the recipe, just close your eyes and take a swallow and make a trip back to your favorite gasthaus in Deutschland.  It's not heavy on alcohol, nor should it be.  This one you make purely for the taste.
by Thomas
on 5/25/2014
from Sugar Land, TX
Decent kit
Overall I enjoyed the kit. I would prefer a slightly starting gravity. 
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