56 Gallon Used Plastic Drum (Will Call Only)

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This is an empty used FDA approved food grade 56 gallon plastic drum that contained grape concentrate (you will have to wash it out to use it). Good for rain barrels, planters, moonshine, tent anchors, and more. 35" tall, 24" wide.

Appearance and size  (although not gallon capacity) may by an inch or so depending on who manufactured the drum. These may be blue or white plastic.

NOTE: Local pickup only at our warehouse in San Leandro California, no shipping on this item.

Sep 09, 2021 by ruth

Q: Does the top come off? If so, how?

A: No, the units are one piece molded with two threaded bung holes.

Feb 11, 2021 by Devin Jacobsen

Q: How often are these available? Is there any way to get on a list or prepay for the next available drum?

A: On the product page, put your email in the notification box, and when they are in stock, you will get an email.

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