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Unlike our India Pale Ale, which is in the British style of India Pale Ale, our American IPA is an aggressively styled hopped ale with a pronounced hop character and fragrant hop aroma. This kit has a strong, complex hop character created by four fresh hop additions during the boil. For fans of our Triple Hopped Ale, our American IPA has a less caramelized malt flavor, and a different hopping schedule that is more minty than floral. Alcohol: 4.9%, IBU's 80.

Includes 8 pounds of blended malt extract, 4 flavoring hop additions, 125 ml of liquid yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.053. Ease of Brewing: Beginner Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

This is a photo of our American IPA when it was in the bottle for 11 days.


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by Michael
on 2/28/2016
If you like Sierra Nevada Pale ale...
To me, this is a very good American IPA, similar to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I add .5oz of Cascade to dry hop and it gives it that extra hop aroma. A great beer for any season. I have a 2-tap Keg and this has found a home in the left tap. Hop guys and BMC drinkers will enjoy it and I've never had one complaint. If you can let this beer sit a couple extra weeks it only get's better!
on 8/21/2015
On a lark I picked this for my first time brewing. Even though I had stored the kit for a few months un-refrigerated, a call to Williams gave me confidence to try it anyway. Yeast pack was ready to go in a day or two, and even though I had some trouble controlling the fermentation temperature (got to 75 degrees) this beer turned out very good. I bottled some with a capper on used bottles, and a couple of 1 qt wire bail stopper bottles, and kegged one 1-1/2 gallon TAP-A DRAFT plastic keg. By then I had a temperature control for an old fridge and racked for two week per instructions. Beer was very good! Third and 4th weeks even better! Not as clear as I expected, but that's home brew. Will consider secondary fermentation or clarifying agents next. Highly hopped beer, but I like it that way. Definitely a keeper.
by daniel
on 7/1/2015
Really Very Good
If you can get the gravity down and ferment at a consistent temp, this is a great kit!
by Bruce
on 12/18/2014
Yes - It's THAT Good!
I live close to several micro breweries and one nationally known one famous for IPA's. This all extract compares exceptionally well to any of those commercially produced. This was my second batch after a small batch all grain IPA. Let's just say that in 3 weeks I put away (drank) 4.5 gallons. It's that good. I will defiantly make this again and it will become a go-to standby for me. Try this!
by Angthorn
on 10/28/2014
Better...and better...and better...
Bought this one a couple of years ago for my son as his first homebrew. OG and FG were spot on. Kegged. A few days into carbonating we had to taste it. Not rough, but not finished enough for our liking so dropped the gas to serving pressure and waited another week. Much better...my son's friends were frequent visitors to the garage kegereezer as was I. We brewed another batch so switched out kegs thinking we were about done with this one. We are not the most most prompt, clean the keg, kind of guys, so about six weeks later I hefted the keg for a cleaning and there seemed to be about a gallon in this one still. Hooked it up to the gas and poured a pint, and it was sublime. Wait it out mates as this one continues to improve!
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