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Make your own honey wine. Our mead kit features everything you need for 5 gallons of a dry, lightly spiced (with ginger and other spices) still mead (uncarbonated) except the honey. You provide 12 to 14 pounds of honey and our kit has the rest.

Includes dried yeast, yeast nutrient, spices, mead acid blend, and illustrated, brew-by-number instructions. An ideal way to get started in the ancient art of mead brewing. Alcohol approximately 11%. Mead (honey wine) brewing uses standard home brewing equipment. This kit requires a primary and secondary (glass carboy for the secondary) fermenter. Also, you will need to maintain a fermentation temperature of at least 68º F. (ideally 70 to 78º F.) for 40 days.

Needed but not included: 12 to 14 pounds of honey, preferably the uncooked type (it will state if it is uncooked on the can or jar). Keep in mind that very light and delicate honey will produce a light and delicate mead, while the common grocery store amber honey may leave a slight 'baked' flavor.  See our fine mead honey below (you will need two six pound pouches per 5 gallon batch). Ease of Brewing: Intermediate

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

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Mead Kit Review

Review by DAVID H. on 12/15/2005

Pros: Easy to follow.

Cons: The carbonation left a strange flavor in the mead.

Great alternative to beer

Review by Robert M Patrick on 3/10/2008

Pros: I really enjoy this kit, providing a great alternative to beer. I have already made one batch and I am preparing to start another. The orange blossom honey gives it a nice citrus note. I want to try a different honey and see what the results are.

Cons: Takes a long time to properly ferment, but its well worth the wait. Excellent a year and a half later!


Review by Wendy M. on 7/11/2008

Pros: wonderful to have all the seasonings in one packet

Cons: have to still buy all the other ingrediants

William's Mead Kit

Review by Lyle C. on 7/11/2008

Pros: Has an interesting apple flavor when bottled. Quite good actually. Curious to see how it is in a year or so.

Cons: Long fermentation process. Had to restart about half way through. Restarted with a package of Lalvin EC-1118.

Great For the Beginner Mead Maker

Review by Reed on 1/20/2012

This kit worked great for me. Just add honey and the packet that comes in the kit. I bought 12 pounds of inexpensive honey at Costco and it worked very well. I also added 1 pound of Belgian Candi beet sugar. The kit comes with instructions. It does not emphasize the need to add the packet contents very, very carefully to avoid boil over, so really watch out for that. I added the yeast right into the fermenter when it cooled to the temperature that is called for to reconstitute the yeast. Seemed to work well that way. Timing was as expected, about four months from cooking to bottling. Mead can be carbonated, but generally it is allowed to ferment until it is still (like wine), and is then bottled that way. I added Williams Apricot flavoring to the first batch, which turned out great. Subsequent batches include one with additional ginger, and one with coriander and orange, but they are still in the secondary. I am questioning whether transferring to a secondary is necessary.

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Nov 21, 2016 by Will

Q: What yeast is included in this kit?

A: Red Star Cotes De Blanc, our item Y01.

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