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We have been selling our Home Brewery since 1979, with the single goal of making a kit capable of producing beer worth bragging about the first time. To this end, we are uncompromising; we are the only supplier to include more fussy liquid yeast in all our beginner kits, because it makes for a cleaner beer with a smoother finish than dry yeast.

We are also the only supplier to offer an economical package that includes a real 32 or 40 quart BrewKettle with valve and wort chiller, a BrewKettle large enough to boil the entire batch, and a chiller powerful enough to cool it in 20 minutes so you can add the yeast right away, minimizing the chance of sour beer caused by airborne bacteria getting a foothold before the yeast is added.

We offer our Home Brewery in three versions, one without a BrewKettle and Chiller for those who already have a large pot and chiller, and one with a 32 Quart BrewKettle and another with a 40 Quart BrewKettle. Which to Choose? Choose the 32 quart BrewKettle if you plan on brewing on your home stove only, while the 40 quart is great for using with outdoor burners. If you want to get started in extract brewing but want a pot that will have plenty of capacity for all grain brewing later, get the 40 Quart BrewKettle.

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