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Why aerate your wort? Yeast needs oxygen to reproduce and produce strong cell walls. If the cell walls are weak, the yeast will have a low tolerance for alcohol, and can die before fully fermenting out the wort. Particularly in worts with starting gravities in excess of 1.050, this can contribute to long lag times, slow ferments, and higher than normal finishing gravities. Like an air stone in a fish tank provides oxygen for fish to breathe, wort aeration provides needed oxygen for yeast respiration and growth.


How can I aerate wort? Wort can be aerated by simply splashing it into the fermenter when transferring from the boiling pot, or by the use of a Siphon Spray Aerator. Both of these methods, although easy, only saturate the wort to about 30 - 40% of its oxygen-retaining potential. Injecting sterile filtered air with a fine 2 micron air stone for 5 minutes will saturate the wort to approximately 80% of its oxygen holding capacity, insuring the best possible start for your yeast.

We have developed a simple, easy to clean system that includes a .2 micron HEPA in-line air filter, tubing, and a sintered stainless steel 2 micron air stone on a 22” stainless steel wand. The 22” wand lets you position the stone where you want it, without worrying about it floating up during aeration. All components were developed to perfectly fit standard aquarium air pump tubing, and can be quickly detached for cleaning.

The large (50mm diameter) HEPA air filter is rated at 120 hours of use before clogging, and will last for several hundred uses with proper care. The 2 micron stainless steel air stone is 1/2” wide by 1” long, and is permanently attached to a 22” stainless stem. Includes 4’ of tubing, a 22” air wand, the in-line 2 micron filter, and instructions. Needed aquarium pump is not included, we recommend buying an inexpensive model ($6.00 to $9.00) at a pet store.


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by Benjamin Morgan
on 3/26/2015
from United States
This is really awesome.
Been using this to aerate my wort and my starters.
Excellent results. My Fermentation seems to be more vigorous and my finishing ABV's seem easier to hit now. Healthy yeast propagation means quick finishing and clean tasting beer. The wand is so much better than trying to dangle a diffuser stone on a piece on tubing into your wort. 

Get this and a cheap 10 dollar pump, Done.
by Carl
on 8/10/2013
from Westminster
Really reduces lag time. Makes for a very predictable fermentation.
by Blake
on 7/30/2013
from Covina
Made a big difference
Adding the aeration to my process made a huge difference in my fermentation times.  Once I added the O2 regulator  my fermentations really took off.  Highly recommended. 
by Nate
on 7/26/2013
from Milwaukee
This thing is great for high OG oxygenation
Noticed a huge increase in quality in my staple 2xIPA's... Great investment!
by William
on 4/20/2013
from Humboldt County
Easy aeration!
This was my first time using an air stone, and the wand made it easy to keep it where I wanted. I bought a $9 air pump at my LHBS, and the amount of aeration produced in 10 minutes was really impressive. The fermentation took off, and I await the results of this batch. As far as I can tell, this really does the job! 
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