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Have you ever wanted to make a true whiskey barrel stout, or an oak aged barleywine? We now have 5 gallon American Oak whiskey barrels from a leading craft distillery. These impart a deep whisky/bourbon-oak flavor and are perfect for aging your strong ales, and also ideal for sour ales. These are once used barrels which have stored Balcone's premium craft whiskey and bourbon for at least 1 year before being drained. Wood stands are included. These were dumped on 11/29/17, and contained Balcone's Blue Corn whiskey for over a year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Note that wood barrels are imperfect, and may leak when initially filled, particularly if they are not filled within two weeks of receiving. We do not guarantee against leakage, but leaking barrels can be repaired by rehydration or wood plugs, check YouTube for instructional videos. Always fill a barrel with water and leave for 24 hours before use to check for leaks.

For more information before ordering, open this pdf about barrel preparation, care, leak repair, and storage:  


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by Brad Bogenrief
on 11/5/2017
from Madison Wisconsin
Followed instructions included with barrel. When I filled with water it leaked in several places, but after about an hour the wood had swollen and the leaks stopped. I did buy some barrel was from my LHBS but have not needed it. Will be transferring 5g of my Imperial stout to the barrel this afternoon and let it set for about a month.
by Steve
on 10/14/2017
from Colorado
Perfect condition
Nothing cheap about these.  They seal up tight in a few hours after rehydration and the whiskey smell/flavor left in them is incredible.
by Mark
on 10/12/2017
from San Diego, CA
As good as I hoped it would be
This was my first time barrel aging a beer.  Followed the procedure for re-hydrating the barrel, as outlined in the PDF in the Description section.  I did not sanitize (i've heard some people do, and some don't with barrels).  I had done a little bit of research on barrel aging, but not an extensive amount.  Based on that, I had originally planned on aging for a few months in the barrel.  After reading a bit more, and getting some forum input, I decided that 3 weeks was a better idea--at least, when using a newly drained bourbon barrel.  I just racked an imperial stout from barrel to keg after 3 weeks, and I have to say, it has exactly the right amount of bourbon character.  Not over-bourboned at all.  Just the nice essence of the spirit that was previously aged in the barrel.  I couldn't be happier. 
by Kris
on 10/6/2017
from Oklahoma
Whiskey Barrell
Received this whiskey barrel as promised and it was exactly as advertised. Good aroma and no leaks. Can't wait to put a batch or porter in this baby!
by Alan
on 9/5/2017
from Iowa
First time barrel user
Fantastic. Very cool. Received barrel promptly, no leaks, smelled very boozie. Wonderful. Aging an imperial stout in it now. 
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9/16/2017 7:28:36 AM
Does it come with the bung?
Yes, it comes with a silicone bung.
9/15/2017 8:35:02 AM
Roughly what size are the 5-gallon barrels? Height? Middle width (diameter)? Top/bottom width (diameter)? Thank you!
Height is 14", and 16" on the stand.  Middle width is 12" and they are 16" long.
8/28/2017 9:15:51 AM
Any idea on the level of charring on the inside?
Medium toast
8/14/2017 9:14:10 AM
Can the flavor be "re-charged" if you were to say add a bottle of whiskey to it and re-coat it?
At least partially, yes, although this will not be as intense as having 5 gallons of whiskey soaking all the wood.
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