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This universal poppet valve fits virtually all ball-lock kegs, and most pin lock kegs. Includes a stronger than normal spring for a positive seal. 1 and 1/8" long when uncompressed.

Note: You may need to cut a coil or two off the bottom of this poppet valve make this poppet fit certain applications, if you find it is too hard to press down the center poppet when installing a ball or pin lock fitting. This is easy to do with wire cutters. 

Average rating 9.86666666666667 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )

Keep some of these on hand.

Review by David on 12/2/2011

I had a small poppet leak on a cornelius so I gave this universal a try. It's 1" in height compared to 3/4" in height of a standard Cornelius poppet and the base of the spring is so substantial , about twice the width of a standard Corny poppet. Thus it does not need the flange. When I put this on it made a very powerful seal and inserting my gas line actually required some force, so I recommend these for a strong fit. They are easy to lube, clean, reassemble, etc.

Great Product

Review by Jimmy on 4/16/2013

I have seven kegs of differing manufacture. These universal poppets fit them all. The spring is much stiffer and taller than the ones they replaced. I now have no issue with gas leaks. Great product at a good price.

Great Product

Review by Lee on 7/25/2013

After changing these out on an existing Cornelius keg that gave me problems when trying to apply the liquid and gas connectors, it has become much easier to put the connectors on. These springs seem to have the perfect amount of tension, allowing the connectors to seat properly without much effort.

Great to have on hand

Review by Doug on 1/27/2014

These universal poppet valves are great to have on hand. The poppets that come with some used cornys are pretty worn down and do not have enough spring strength left to create a good seal. These poppets are a great replacement, especially if you have different varieties of kegs in your quiver. The only reasoning for not giving these 5 stars is I've had them seat themselves incorrectly on occasion when removing a gas/beer line (got a face full of beer or co2). This isn't really a big issue since once the poppet properly seated it creates a very good seal - just something to be aware of.

Leak Prevention

Review by Daniel on 8/22/2014

An excellent product,as good as OEM.

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Sep 17, 2019 by Jon

Q: Is this the same poppet valve that comes with KegLand kegs?

A: The universal poppet is the same design, only the spring is slightly longer. You can trim a few coils off the universal poppet to match the original one.

Jun 25, 2017 by Troy

Q: I recently purchased these to try. They seal good, but the spring is not strong enough to depress the connector when I hook it up. What do I do about that?

A: If you mean the spring on the poppet is too strong, and the pin on the ball lock fitting cannot press hard enough to open the poppet, you can try cutting a coil off the base of the Universal Poppet Valve to make it weaker so the pin will depress the poppet properly.

Feb 08, 2017 by Jack B.

Q: What is the part number for just the replacement o-ring for the L92 universal poppet valve? I plan on ordering the poppet valve and also some additional o-rings.

A: We do not sell the O ring separately at this time.

Jan 23, 2017 by Scott

Q: Do these work well with standard ball lock corny posts? it looks like the seal is an oring that can be replaced if needed, is this the case?

A: Yes, these work with standard ball lock corny posts. Occasionally, you may need to cut off a ring of the spring to make it a bit shorter to fit some posts. The O ring is replaceable.

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