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This ale is the opposite of our William’s Honey Ale, and features a robust maltiness and a full hop character. A strong, aggressive beer, (featuring 3 hop additions during the boil) for those who like a lot of hop flavor in their beer. Alcohol: 5%, IBU’s 48. Includes 8 lbs. of our blended malt extract, flavoring and aromatic hops, 125 ml. of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.060. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

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This is an outtake from a photo session we did with Triple Hopped Ale. We thought it was a bit of a blooper, but you can see the thick, robust head this beers malt and hop resins create and maintain.


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by Mark
on 1/27/2018
from Castro Valley
Great First Time Brew
This was my first foray into home brewing and i was looking for something easy to start with so chose this Triple Hopped Ale. 

I followed the well written instructions carefully and everything went according to plan. Just open the first bottle last night and I was absolutely thrilled with the results! 

It was a good deal maltier than I was expecting so I went back and read the description a 2nd time and found that the mistake was on my side. 

t turned out to be very similar to a Fullers ESB style which is fortunate as that is one of my favorite beers! It will be known henceforth as Shewbrew#1

The best compliment that I can give it is that if I found it in the store I would buy it. 

Next up the American IPA, I hope that turns out as well.

Thanks Williams Brewing for making brewing great beer so easy!
by james
on 3/5/2015
from novato
Great beer, excellent when aged
I found a bottle of this beer aged one year and it was phenomenal.   This kit made a tasty well hopped beer when fresh,  aging tones down the hop flavors and accentuates the malt.    I initially made the beer with a higher alcohol content and now it tastes like an old ale,  very good at room temp. 
by James
on 9/13/2014
from Mendham
I like this one
Relatively new to home brewing. This was probably my 6th batch. It was quite good a week after priming but got better and better the longer it aged in the bottle. I would definitely do this one again. 
by Jeremy
on 4/4/2014
from Merced
Triple Hopped Ale
I am a hop head and brew mostly IPA's, but wanted something with hoppiness but a bit lighter. I brewed this kit and racked to secondary and dry hopped with 2 oz. of Citra for 14 days after primary of two weeks. Wow, this is really tasty..problem is...it is going too fast! Will brew again soon, and of course toss some hops in! Did not score a 5, because I did tweak it a bit. Worth the effort!!
by Dave
on 2/1/2014
from Lewisburg
My first batch ever - Absolutely fantastic
This was my very first batch using real equipment.  My wife ordered me everything I needed from William's brewing to start making real beer and so that I could get rid of my Mr. Beer kit.  She ordered me William's Triple Hopped Ale (K35) as my first kit and it was easy as pie.  Williams literally gives you everything you need in the kit to make a great brew.  I followed the directions to a T and after brewing I allowed to ferment for 3 weeks (22 days total).  I then bottled and added the 3oz of priming sugar and allowed to condition in the bottles for 2 weeks.  Took my first bottle today, chilled to 40F and poured.  Super awesome hop aroma and excellent foamy head!  Poured into my William's beer shaped glass and drank it down!  Absolutely excellent flavor and taste is bitter, but balanced.  Reminds me of a strong IPA and has an excellent after taste.  I could not have asked for a better kit and a special thanks to Williams for getting me started.  Buy EVERYTHING Williams, you'll love!!
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Kristian Berhost
11/23/2019 9:01:31 PM
Hi, would you tell me which specific hops are in this kit please?
1.25 oz. Chinook, 1.25 oz. Cascade, 1 oz. Cascade
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