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Do you want to drink the clearest beer possible from your keg as quickly as possible? The Top Draw™ Beer Pick Up Tube fits any ball or pin lock keg, and replaces the rigid stainless dip tube with a stainless float pick up on a 22" food grade silicone hose. This flexible hose holds a 1" stainless beer pickup tube which is held 1" below the surface of the beer by the float.  As the level of the beer in the keg drops, the pick up tube remains 1" below the surface, always drawing the clearest beer all the way until empty. 

Installs in a couple minutes - just unscrew the beer post on your ball lock keg, insert the provided short pick up tube, and attach the silicone tubing to the underside of the tube. Now dangle the hole assembly in the keg and you are done.  For shorter kegs, cut the silicone tube to length.

If you carbonate by C02 injection, you can also convert your keg to one that carbonates quicker, and clears faster. To do this (Cornelius threaded post kegs only), unscrew both posts and remove both dip tubes. Then on the IN side of the keg, install the long beer pickup tube and screw on the GAS side fitting (the one with a notch on the base nut).  Then on the OUT side of the keg, install the Top Draw Dip Tube, and screw on the BEER side fitting (the one without a notch in the base nut).  Now when you attach the C02 to carbonate, it will bubble up from the bottom of the keg, carbonating quicker. When you dispense, the Top Draw Dip Tube will make sure you get only the clearest beer from near the surface.

The only downside to this switch is your gas line is connected to a beer dip tube, and if the pressure in your gas line drops to less than the pressure in the keg, your gas line will fill with beer. This can be prevented with a ball or pin lock check valve like our items P77 and P78, or with an in line check valve like our item D37.

Includes 22" of tubing, stainless float with attached pickup tube, and short replacement stainless beer dip tube with seating O ring. 

Made from 304 stainless steel, and the silicone hose is made in Texas to our exacting USA food grade standards.


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by Paul Pedersen
on 10/19/2019
from Somerville, Alabama
Excellent Customer Service
I bought five of these.  All of them had tubing that would not reach the bottom of a five gallon corny keg.  The tubing was about two inches too short.  Contacted Williams Brewing and they had replacements sent to me within a few days.  The two that I have in use right now work as advertised.
by Andrew
on 7/31/2019
from Iowa
Very handy product.
Not exactly original, as I've been using this type of hardware for over a year, but still a very useful product. This is a piece originally used by the Fermentasaurus system, but that company has had supply chain problems. 
Glad to see Williams stepping up to try and keep it available!

This definitely helps with pouring super-clear beer as fast as possible. It also helps avoid the problem of pouring stirred-up sediment from the bottom after you move a keg around.
With this, my latest lager was pouring crystal-clear on after just 3 days in the keg at 45F. (first day to chill and carb at 40PSI, second day add gelatin, third day crystal clear). A bottom dip tube would have taken significantly longer to pour clear.

Also, the longer (3-4") dip tube included with the Williams version makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to assemble than my first one that had a very short gas-side tube.  
I ordered 3 more. 
by Nick
on 7/31/2019
from Ohio
Game changer for kegging
I had a beer that was hazy (wasn’t supposed to be). Added this dip tube and some gelatin and 3 days later I was able to pour crystal clear beers. No wasted beer pours since the gelatin and the gunk are sitting at the bottom. I will convert the rest of my kegs to use this. Great value and well made. 
by Michael Harper
on 6/28/2019
from Denver
Love this!
I have been using this in a keg of NEIPA and it's been awesome. The NEIPA had 5 ounces of dry hops, and there's no way to completely siphon it without picking up some hops. Drawing from the top leaves everything but the haze in the bottom of the keg.
by Trent A
on 6/18/2019
from Nebraska
Good buy Excessive Oxygenation
With these new Top Draw dip tubes I can reduce the beers exposure to Oxygen when transferring, dry hop, and crash chill all in the keg, Top Draw turns a keg into a oxygen controlled superhero, then allows you to crash chill in the keg, completely eliminating suck back. With Top Draw you now have the least expensive Bright Tank on the market! Least I forget it will help with clearer beer if you ever travel with your keg.  I purchased 3 but will be changing out most of my kegs to Top Draw!!!!
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9/19/2019 9:22:31 AM
How long is the short stainless diptube?
One and a half inches long.
6/19/2019 5:03:08 PM
What temperature is this rated for? Would it withstand boiling wort?
We have not tested it, but it is consists of silicone tubing and stainless steel, both of which can survive boiling. The tubing will probably get very soft and may not be rigid enough to function when boiling.
6/10/2019 3:44:35 PM
Does anyone know if this would fit in a 10 gallon corny keg?
It should, we do not have a 10 gallon here to test with, but if the gas dip tube is a 1/4" diameter stainless tube, it should fit. You may have to buy more feet of tubing to reach the bottom of the keg.
5/15/2019 6:57:06 PM
Will the ball fit through the neck opening of a Sanke keg?
If the neck opening is 2" it will fit.
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