MaltMuncher Grain Mill Motorizing Kit

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Do you want to motorize your KegLand MaltMuncher Mill? This high torque geared grain mill motor fits the 12mm shaft on our item B06 Three Roller Mill (and any other 2 or three roller mill with a 12mm drive shaft and 1½" diameter rollers), and features internal gears to spin your mill at 200 rpm. A heavy duty spider coupling absorbs the direct drive shock, and the 1 amp motor has plenty of power to turn. This kit also includes a 10mm shaft adapter, in case you have a Maltmuncher Two Roller Mill.

NOTE: This is for mills with 1½" diameter rollers only, it will not drive larger mills with 2" diameter rollers. This will not work with the Monster Mill MM3

A safety switch is included for mounting on your mill mount. This includes a button that is harder to turn on than turn off (to turn on, twist the red knob and press down, to turn off, just press the red knob).

This kit requires wiring and installation, besides a MaltMuncher Mill, you will need to wire this mill to your 110 volt power source (a plug is not included). You will also need to build a table mount for this mill, and elevate the motor ½" so it will line up with the drive shaft on the Mill.

See the thumbnails for mounting and wiring ideas.. When wiring, besides the hot red and black neutral wires coming out of the safety switch that you wire to your house 110 volt hot and neutral lines, you will also need to wire a green ground wire from a mount on the motor to your three prong plug.

For barley malt only, this mill does not crush corn.

Click to download the instructions for the MaltMuncher 3 Roller Mill in pdf format.

Click to download the instructions for the MaltMuncher 2 Roller Mill in pdf format.



Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Good Deal

Review by Till Guldimann on 8/26/2016

Works as advertised. Sturdy except for axle connector which is a little flimsy. Great switch box. Would be even better if it came with a speed controller.

owner, Canterbury Aleworks

Review by Steve Allman on 5/13/2017

good motor. slightly under powered for conditioned malt. shaft coupler set screws are poor connection as there is no keyway to prevent slippage. i drilled coupler and shafts and installed cotter pins.

works as expected

Review by JMS on 5/22/2017

This was a simple installation. Just had to take a few minutes to make sure everything would line up correctly. Easily turns our mill to properly crush our grain. Definitely makes milling 200lbs for a batch much easier then having to use a drill.

Motor doesn't fit mill

Review by Justin on 7/22/2017

The level of the motor is not level with the mill. I had to use a router to lower the base where the motor sits so that it aligned with the mill. The photo on the website are deceiving. That being said, the kit works like a charm and I'm very happy.

awesome kit

Review by Michael Harper on 11/20/2017

I also bought the triple roller grain mill with this. I built a small table with casters and mounted both on it. The wood that I used was just a bit over 1.25", so instead of shimming the motor mount, I just sanded the wood down to the perfect height. I used it the first time this weekend and it was obvious that I got a better crush than at my LHBS and it was all so easy to put together.

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Apr 10, 2021 by Russ

Q: What is the torque of the motor? Will it power a geared three roller mill?

A: We do not have torque figures, but a geared mill would take more power than the 3 roller MaltMuncher this was designed around. So we think there is a good chance it would not have enough power to run a geared three roller mill.

Feb 20, 2021 by Manuel Vogt

Q: Will this work without modification on a Barley Crusher Maltmill Model 50125A?

A: Yes, although you may need to buy a different spider coupler to fit the narrower drive shaft of the Barley Crusher.

Jan 31, 2021 by Adam Skjefstad

Q: What’s decibel level of this motor?

A: We don't have a decibel meter but it is quieter than a garbage disposal, and a bit noisier than a dishwasher.

Oct 20, 2019 by Mike

Q: What are the dimensions of the motor?

A: 3.5" wide, 4.5" wide with included mounting bracket. 10" long with shaft, 8.5" long if you do not count the shaft.

Jan 13, 2019 by Gunter

Q: Couple of questions. 1. Do you have a recommended source for the power cord? 2. Will this fit the malt muncher without any additional couplers?

A: We used an old computer power cord when wiring ours. This will fit the I13 Three Roller Malt Muncher without any additional couplers, although you will need to fabricate a base.

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