Thermowell For Plastic Carboys (#10 Stopper)

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This stainless thermowell is perfect for inserting our Keg King Dual Controller probe into, and then inserting into a Vintage Shop or other plastic carboy that has a 1 7/8" diameter opening to monitor liquid temperature. The stainless probe is 14" long, and attached to a #10 stopper with an extra hole drilled for an airlock. Great for use with Brew Belt Heater or Brew Heater Pad. Also works with Ranco and Johnson Controls brand digital temperature probes. Does not work with the grey analog Johnson Controls large metallic capillary probe). This fits both 3, 5, and 6 gallon Vintage Shop and Better Bottle brand PET carboys. Made in USA.

Fits probes up to ¼" (6.5mm) in diameter.

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Works exactly as described

Review by Kyle on 4/19/2013

I've got a Better Bottle 6 gallon carboy, and I'm using an old fridge as a fermentation chamber. The temperature probe from a Ranco controller fits beautifully in the stainless steel tube of this thermowell, and coupled with the Brewer's Edge space heater I also bought here, it held the temp at a constant 68 degrees. Works like a charm and I know the temp is dead-on. The only thing I would do differently next time is add a blow-off tube. I had an active fermentation! :)

More Accurate Temperature Control

Review by Matthew on 9/3/2014

Was having some issues maintaining fermentation temperature by just using my temp probe alone in fermentation cooler. Ordered this Thermowell to go into my Vintage Shop 6 Gallon PET Carboy and it's a perfect fit. I use the Uni-Stat II temperature controller, and the probe is a perfect fit inside of the thermowell. Stainless Steel and leak free.

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May 29, 2017 by Aaron

Q: Will this Thermowell fit a 6mm probe?

A: Yes, it will fit probes up to 6.5mm (¼") in diameter.

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