Fastferment™ 7.9 Gallon Cooling Jacket

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Need an economical way to keep your 7.9 gallon FastFerment 15° to 30° cooler than the surrounding air in Summer? This cooling jacket features interior loops to hold 2 liter plastic soda bottles that you freeze. The idea is you have 3 or more 2 liter plastic soda bottles filled with water, and freeze them. Rotate them in and out of the cooling jacket to keep your beer cold 24 hours a day. Use from 1 to 6 two liter bottles depending on the temperature drop desired. The minimum temperature drop is achieved with one frozen 2 liter bottle.

This becomes fairly heavy when you add 3 or more frozen 2 liter soda bottles to the inside. Because of this, we do not recommend you use the older style wall brackets (sold before mid 2015), as they may fail due to the heavier weight. See the pdf of the instructions below for more on this. This works very well with the floor stand.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.



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Fastferment Jacket

Review by Royce on 9/8/2016

Well made, quality item. Easy method to maintain ferment temperature without the expense of a dedicated cooler. I only brew lagers and typically ferment at 48-52 degrees. In the past, I fermented in buckets placed inside an insulated box made just for the purpose of regulating the temperature using blue ice packets. Worked well, but the box was a hassle to move and store when not in use. Now the Fermenter is on the wall out of the way and the jacket helps to maintain required temperature. Highly recommend.

Well thought out

Review by Dave on 9/9/2016

The Fastferment Jacket works exactly as described. No need to keep the Fastferment in the dark. Previously I've had a hard time finding a place in my house with the correct fermentation temperature, but now it doesn't matter. I use 1 2 liter bottle of ice and switch it out every day. My temperature in the jacket is about 5 degrees lower and should make a difference in the final beer. Nice Velcro closures for all of the slots and openings. Well worth the money!

Works well for other fermenters too!

Review by Paul on 9/16/2016

I use my two FastFerment jackets for my carboys and brew buckets. Lots of room for different sized vessels. Well made and great insulating properties so frozen bottles don't need frequent changing. Works for me.

Does the job

Review by Chuck Labiszak on 8/3/2019

It cooled my wort down to lagering temps. Easy to use and store away.

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May 29, 2018 by Gary

Q: Does this only work for conical type fermenters?

A: It is not conical shape, so it would work with anything you put inside. It is approximately 33 inches tall and 21 inches in diameter.

Nov 21, 2016 by KMP

Q: What are the product dimensions?

A: This is sized at 21.5" by 26.5" (Diameter by Height) internal, to fit standard 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon fermenters and carboys.

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