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This amazingly handy 1 gallon stainless pot still runs on 110 volts, and features air cooling to condense the distiliate, so cooling water is not required - a fan in the head runs to cool the steam into liquid. This will distill up to 2 quarts of 40% ABV alcohol from 2 gallons of mash in 4 hours (with two separate distilling runs).

This is a little pot still, as flavors from the mash will end up in the distilliate, making it ideal for whiskey, bourbon, cognac, or grapa distilling. Optional charcoal cartridges are available if you want a cleaner distillate for vodka, gin, or other clear spirit use.

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by Gary
on 1/19/2018
from US
not certain about this just yet
I bought this specifically to distill small amounts of essential oils knowing that it's not considered the most efficient for this. My first batch of herbs, basil in this case, produced a fair amount of oil. The problem was that the oil never exited the pot with the hydrosol. After running a full batch there was virtually no oil in the distillate. But when I went to empty the pot I saw it was all floating on top of the dregs. For distilling essential oils I'd give it 0 stars, and I have yet to test it on an alcohol run, thus 2 stars for now and hoping it works better for that purpose.
by Rod
on 4/7/2017
from Cherry Valley
small but nice
If you want to make some 'water' or "oils" or some fuel this is a good start. It makes something else well also.
It works just as advertised. I do wish Williams carried the  accessory Package with the ferment vessel and filter. You can use your beer gear but the stuff made for this unit is easy and nice. No need to buy the carbon cartridges until you have the filter they go into!
Also this unit is stealth as it looks like a coffee pot sitting on your counter.

William's Responds:  Glad you like this little unit. We also now sell the Air Still Companion Pack (accessory package), listed at right.
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Albert Perencin
7/13/2018 11:50:23 PM
Does William's sell separately: • Carbon Filter System • Distilling Conditioner • Boil Enhancer as may be needed as refills?
We do sell the boil enhancers - item C27
The filter system is only available with the Air Still Companion Pack - item C02 
we have the carbon filter refills - item C09
We do not carry the distilling conditioner but will look into it and probably get it soon.
4/9/2018 10:34:29 AM
Are there any recipes available for this unit? Do you recommend corn vs table sugar? I brew all grain and would like to try a "moon shine" type brew with different flavor profiles.
As with homebrewing, there are hundreds of distilling recipes online.  All the work has been done already and you just need to look through some forums and decide what you like the sound of, based on what kind of finished product you seek.  
If they are catered around 5 gallon ferments, you can either scale them down or do multiple distilling runs through the unit. 
Since you already do all grain you may want to make an actual mash with corn and possibly other grains instead of pure sugar for a better quality product.

As for corn sugar vs table sugar you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  You are only going to get one flavor profile from sugar, but you can add flavoring extracts afterwards to make different spirits.
2/15/2018 1:35:16 PM
How does this control temperature for distilling? As it has to be raised gradually.
All heating and temperature controls are internal and automatic, this is a plug and play unit.
Bill Andersen
2/23/2017 5:20:47 AM
What else do I need to make a distillate?
Hi Bill, You just need something to put in the unit to distill.  For making alcohol this must be something with alcohol already in it, such as beer.  You can ferment sugar with yeast or make a "mash" using grain and ferment that.
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