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This compact unit will cool 5 gallons of wort to pitching temperature in about 5 minutes, depending on wort flow, water flow, and temperature. A great value compared with less efficient counter flow chiller designs.

Can be gravity or pump fed. 12.5" long, 3" deep, and 2" thick. This chiller consists of 10 plates of 316 Stainless Steel.

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by Steve Garriott
on 5/3/2017
from The Great PNW
Ready, Get Set, Chill!
Do not let the size or the price of this chiller fool you: it is a powerhouse! We learned quickly that you might need two people to run this little gadget: one with the wort and one with the water faucet. With a mere trickle of water, we were cooling 5 gallons of wort down to almost below temperature as fast as we could gravity dump it. No more huge puddles of water left over after cooling either.

Excellent device and it made a great birthday gift. 
by Joe S
on 4/27/2016
from Grand Rapids, MI
Excellent Chiller for the money
I bought this chiller because I could not afford the bigger one.  I am glad I did.  It does such a good job that I don't have to run the hose at full flow.  My hose water is about 40 deg F, the brew kettle is about 2' above the chiller, more than enough to flow the wort through the chiller without a pump.  I have been using it for about 8 months now.
by DON
on 4/30/2014
from san lorenzo
Save time and water!
A great item. Best addition to my brewing system. It only takes me 5 minutes to cool my wort to pitching temp using only gravity. This is important for several reasons:
1) Shortens my brew day by about 40 minutes over an inversion chiller
2) Quicker pitching times means less chance of infection.
3) We are in a drought here in California. Using less water (even if I use it to water the plants with) is very important.
by Bruce
on 1/29/2014
from Blodgett
212 degrees to 61 degrees with 41 degree water as fast as I can drain it! It took 5 minutes and was gravity fed.  Very simple and very effective.  Where has this been all my life? Cooling wort has become a quick and easy operation. I used washing machine hoses for the water supply, 2 short 1 foot long silicon hoses for the wort and some hose clamps. My best process improvement ever.
by Nathan
on 1/24/2014
from san diego
Great value for an effective wort chiller
I used this wort chiller 6-times now and it's been the fastest wort chiller I've ever used.

I started out in the beginning with the ice bath method, made a home made copper wort chiller (Still took about 25 minutes to chill to pitch temps) and finally bought this item.

Cools the wort in less than 10 minutes.

Helpful notes:
1) Works great for gravity feed
2) Buy the back flush cleaner attachment
3) Use only THICK WALLED tubing for the hot side!
4) Use tubing clamps!  The barb fitting may seem secure, but will fail as soon as the hot wort touches the tubing
5) Spend the extra money and but all metal fittings, do not go cheap and use plastic 
6) The cold water inlet fitting is the same as a hose bibb.  YOU will NEED to modify a garden hose with a female end to attach to the cold water inlet
7) the only real way to use this item is if your kettle has a kettle valve fitting attached.
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10/10/2018 9:25:58 AM
Can I use tri-clamp fittings on this chiller?
It has male NPT fittings so if you can adapt the tri clamps to the male NPT, it will work.
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