• Sankey Keg Ball Lock Tri-Clamp Conversion Kit

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This converts a Sankey Keg so it can be easily cleaned, and used with ball lock disconnects. Includes a gas in and beer out ball lock post, as well as a 0-30 PSI pressure relief valve. A special Tri Clamp gasket is included that is grooved on one side to seal the lid, and smooth on the other for a positive seal with the smooth top of the Sankey.  A flexible silicone beer pick up tube hose is provided. The relief valve and posts are standard Corny style, and can be easily replaced if needed.

To fit this, you will need a Sankey Keg with a 2" Tri-Clamp opening which has had its circlip and spear removed (lots on Youtube about how to do this). Then just install the 2" Tri-Clamp gasket smooth side down, and fasten clamp to complete your conversion. Pictured keg is not included.

 Note:  Kegs that were full of commercial beer are the property of the brewery listed on the keg, not the property of person who paid the deposit for the full keg.  These should be returned to the beer seller so the brewery can continue to make money and stay in business!


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by Chris Muller
on 9/3/2019
from Southern CA
No more spears
I bought 2 one worked fine. The other would spit then flow with alot of foam then go back to spiting the same cycle over and over. Took the liquid post off used my manufacturing engineering skills and discovered the mini dip tube would not allow full compression of the poppet. Dip tube was a wee bit long and would butt up against the poppet semi-sealing the flow path. Lapped off aprox .125" of the tube length and all is well.   
by Fred
on 8/30/2019
from Tacoma,WA
Pretty neat.
Fits like a charm. Although I'm a bit worried about excess foam from such a small out tube. But hey, if it gets me more kegs it'll be great. 
by Bill T
on 8/30/2019
from Southern AZ
A good option for Sankey keg conversion
Using Sankey kegs used to be impractical for homebrewers, because cleaning and filling them requires special equipment.  This lid is a game changer.  Remove the spear and the keg is easy to clean using the same commercial or homebuilt keg washer.you use on your corny kegs.  Fill the keg with beer and seal the lid,and pressurize, or seal and pressure fill the keg.  The ball lock fittings work just like on your corny kegs.  Oh, and did I mention that you can use these lids on any size sankey keg that uses a spring-type spear?  Not sure if it will work on the newer screw-type spear.  Perhaps they'll make this for pin lock users also?  
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1/22/2020 3:20:00 PM
You note there is a pickup tube. Is this just silicone tubing or does it have the stainless float as well?
This is just silicone tubing, it does not have a float
8/5/2019 4:50:49 PM
What are the dimensions of this product? How much height does it add to the top of the keg?
This item will add 3.75" when measured from the top of the sankey port where it mounts to the keg, to the top of a beer ball-lock. If height is an issue we recommend using our stainless steel ball-locks as the threaded or barbed connection comes out of the ball-lock at a 90° angle. Don't forget to purchase the white plastic washer (D87) as it is needed with all the stainless steel ball-locks.
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