Sankey Ball Lock Beer Side Converter

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This stainless beer side fitting screws onto the top beer out fitting of any Sankey coupler, and converts it to accept beer (liquid) ball lock fittings. Makes it really easy to switch between a commercial keg and a ball lock home brewing keg. This is just the top beer side, you will need to order P61 (gas side) in order to make both sides of your Sankey coupler ball lock.

Includes inner sealing washer. For best results, hand tighten firmly, and then tighten a quarter turn with a wrench (overtightening will distort the inner sealing washer).

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These work great

Review by Robert on 6/12/2013

Perfect for making my kegging system more versatile and easy to switch from ball lock to Sanke.

Leaky Fittings

Review by Rob on 1/4/2014

I got these with a new keg tap and tried to use them for a party. The post o-rings leaked immediately on both the gas and beer sides of the tap. Luckily I had a bin of various sized o-rings and was able to get them to work for the party with some minor leakage. Once I found the right slightly larger O.D. o-rings (at the hardware store) and some keg lube they work good with no more leaks. For the price ($30 for both)they should know better then to send them out with whatever o-rings they can find. I've bought all my other ball lock fittings from William's too so they should all work great together. If you are buying these for a party then give yourself some time to sort out any issues you may have with leaks.

Gas side fitting leaking

Review by dONKmAN on 2/12/2014

I have found that the gas side fitting is leaking quite excessively. Unfortunately, I did not read the previous review, and I will try to find an 'O' ring that will solve the problem. My beer line side works like a charm. Overall, I am pleased with the product in spite of my leaky gas side fitting. Sounds like it will be an easy fix. William's Brewing Responds: Let us know that you need a gasket, and we will send one at no charge. Contact or 800-759-6025. Thank you!

Conversion to Pin lock

Review by Jon on 5/16/2014

I know, I know, I'm old fashioned with my pin lock set up but hey that's all I got! Would like to see the sanke to pin lock conversion so I could buy one!

Beer Side Converter

Review by Paul Z on 9/26/2014

Just like Johnie Bench (MLB), NO RUNS, NO ERRORS, NO LEAKS.

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Dec 07, 2019 by greg

Q: are you supposed remove the existing check valves from the sankey? (gas and beer sides) and the little ball

A: No, leave the check valve on the gas in horizontal side, and leave the ball and spider keeper in the top of the Sankey coupler.

Jan 01, 2017 by ethen

Q: What is the thread size on this? I'm looking for a 1/2" NPT.

A: The thread size is standard beer nut thread size, which is 7/8-14. This is not 1/2" NPT.

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