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This unique design is like the steering rack of a car with rack and pinion steering. Turn the three handled capping lever and it turns against the gear slots cut out of the back of the capping shaft. Very simple, very sturdy, and the only bench capper available where you do not have to slide the capping head on a shaft to adjust. Caps bottles from 8" to 15" tall. Features a 26mm machined capping head (for standard beer bottles). Due to the different gear ratio, this capper requires more crimping force from the user than our Chrome and Steel Commercial Cappers. 25" tall. Made in Italy.


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by Bob
on 12/9/2018
from Wisconsin
Rack and Pinion Capper
This capper seems to be very well built. The one I had previously used many plastic parts and broke after a short time. This one is all metal and should last as long as I need it. 
on 8/20/2018
from MA
This is an old school capper made by Grifo.  To say it is bullet proof would be an understatement.  The only plastic parts are the hand grips.  

Among it's merits are an absolute parallel alignment of the axis of down thrust with the vertical axis of the bottle, something that is nearly impossible to achieve with the lever action cappers as they get older.  This means no more crooked caps!

The magnetic cap retainer does not leave an unsightly dent in the middle of the crown cap after crimping.

No more annoying adjustable height head.  Instead you just roll the capping bell down and crimp.  This is a big advantage if you have a bottling session with different bottle heights.

Unfortunately, William's does not offer a 29 mm capping bell.  You can buy spare 26 mm bells and 29 mm bells here:

You can pay with PayPal if you ask them.  Shipping is a little steep but it will arrive by USPS within a week.
by JM
on 6/5/2018
from Florida
Customer service was excellent. Shipping was fast. The capper is substantial and stable, did not require attaching to the table. Good tool. 
by Cory
on 4/24/2018
from Texas
This is an upgrade from my old plastic hand capper. I got it mainly so I could cap any beer bottle. The plastic cappers require a certain style neck to grab on to crimp properly, this doesn’t have that problem. The all metal construction weighed heavily on my decision, as did the rack & pinion design that requires no adjusting of parts up & down for different size bottles. I don’t regret the purchase for a second. The instructions say to keep the mechanism lubricated, it was already greased from the factory, so no worries there. Instructions also say to lube the bell, but makes no mention of the type of lube. I used a bit of synthetic motor oil on a q-tip, as it’s all I had on hand. The bottles do stick when capped, a gentle rotating action pops them free. It doesn’t take much force to get it to release, and at no time did I feel I was in danger of breaking a bottle. I would recommend this capper to anyone, and I’m looking forward to mounting it on a table when I finish my new brewery.
by Mike
on 3/29/2018
from California
Excellent capper!
I have only used this for one batch so far but couldn’t be more pleased.  Night and day difference between this product and the plastic Ferrari model I was using.  Much better seal and don’t have to worry about it breaking in the middle of a batch.
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3/26/2017 4:20:07 PM
Can this also be used for corking wine bottles?
No, the head is for crown caps only, and does not work with corks.
1/2/2017 10:34:27 AM
Where is this capper made
11/25/2016 1:43:02 AM
So I am assuming there is no 29mm interchangeable crowning head for this model. that really would be a great option!! I see there is a replacement same size head available though. Will the other bench capper's 29mm threadable head fit this crowner??
We do have a 29mm head for the rack and pinion capper. It is item I06 and the price is $9.99
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