• This shows the pump switch and where the pipe exits the unit
  • A close up of the control panel
  • Gallon markers from 3 to 8 on the inside, accurate to .2 of a gallon
  • The grain pipe and its components
  • The included stainless chiller is very basic and does NOT include needed ½" interior diameter tubing
  • This shows the unit filled with 4 gallons of water (the marks are slightly off)

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The Robobrew with Pump from Keg King features a recirculation pump with an on off switch, as well as a false bottom and grain pipe to both protect the pump from clogging, and hold the crushed grain above the bottom for good wort circulation. The Unit holds  9 gallons, although we do not recommend boiling more than 6½ gallons (perfect for 5-6 gallon batches). The grain pipe (basket) holds up to 18 pounds of crushed malt, and a pipe with silicone hose on top feeds the recirculated wort from the pump evenly on top of the grain bed.  Runs on any GFCI protected 110 volt plug with at least 15 amps.

 Something like a simpler Grainfather, the Robobrew has a basic electronic thermostat that lets you set temperature and also has a delayed start feature, so you can program it to turn on up to 23 hours in advance, handy when you want hot strike water when you return home from work.  Although multiple temperature rest mashing cannot be programmed,  you can do this manually, by turning up the temperature during the mash to a new set point.

 The Robobrew also includes a simple stainless immersion wort chiller with ½” hose barb outlets, although you need to provide the water in/out hoses and fittings (see our Robobrew Chiller Tubing Kit at right, available as an option above).

 The system includes a Digital Backlit Temperature Control and Display, Malt Pipe, Dual Element Heating (500 and 1000 watts for 1500 watts total), a stainless ball valve with ½ threads to accept any NPT accessory, and a Magnetic Pump installed in the base.  A great deal on a recirculating electric system that will work anywhere you have a suitable 110 volt plug.

NEEDED, BUT NOT INCLUDED: ½" Interior diamter tubing (usually 10 to 15') to connect the immersion wort chiller to your water source and hose attachment fittings. We have an optional kit for this, and you can check the option box above to order this kit when you place your order.

NOTE: Unlike other suppliers, we include Silicone tubing for the recirculation pump.


     Click to download the assembly instructions in pdf format.


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by Richard T Davies
on 11/15/2017
from IA
Very good unit
I'm pleased with the overall performance of my RobBrew. I had a leak on the elbow that comes off the pump that transfers the Wort to the recirculating arm. I fixed it with a $1.00 washer from Ace Hardware. Took a few tries to find one that worked but so far so good. Definitely an excellent buy for the money.
by Christopher Robinson
on 10/24/2017
from Wv
Great alternative to gas setup
I've only used once but cut some time off brew day and hit all my marks perfectly.  System is easy to setup, use and clean. Very happy with system.  Gallon marks where off but not a big deal since I used buckets of known gallon marks for marsh and sparge water. Would not stop me from buying again.  Overall I would recommend unit.
by Wayne
on 10/23/2017
from Knoxville
First brew
Just finished my first brew on the system; a Porter. The system is very convenient and easy to use. 
The comments about getting water all over are very true.  If there was a small skirt between the brew kettle and the electronic base it would help divert any water spilled. 
I had a small boil over with the RoboBrew due to the fact my attention was split between the boil and other tasks. Removing the lid and turning the temperature down corrected the problem.
The pump worked well during the mashing but be careful that the flow does not overrun the funnel. I adjusted to about ¼ open to make eliminate any overflows.
The upper tube on the grain basket slides easily down on the inner tube. While trying to adjust the tube it slide down, popped the funnel off and I had to reach into the mash to retrieve the funnel.  
All these things may make it sound like I don’t like the system but I think I am going to enjoy this for a long time. It addresses my beer and engineering nerd needs very well. 
by Jay B
on 10/22/2017
from Marshall Mo.
like this product,ive been brewing close to 20 years and never really modernized from the igloo cooler mash and sparge setup. The pump recirculating the mash makes the wort clearer .takes a while to heat the water and to bring it to a boil,but if you have your old brewpot and burner you can preheat your strike water and sparge water to speed up the process. One thing to be carefull with is the little silicone gasket on the pump tube arm, it is easy to lose. I had to order a replacement the guy at Williams was very helpful. If you order Robobrew get a Robobrew valve seal (part # xo7) . For $3.50 its good insurance even if you don't lose it it will eventually wear out. all and all I'm pleased with robobrew and I think its a decent value.
by Mike
on 10/18/2017
from Ohio
Works great
I’m happy with my purchase.  First time brewing and Robobrew made things simple.  Beer turned out great.  Pair this with the fermentasaurus with pressure lid for closed transfers to serving kegs.  Dry hopped in both fermenter and serving keg with amazing results.  Careful with initial grains/water volume, as there is some dead space with the mashing screen.  Will have to adjust this next time to get better utilization of the grains. 
Review and Rate this Item
Dave K
10/30/2017 3:57:10 PM
Do you sell replacement silicone sparge arm seals that are used with the robobrew system?
they are item X07
10/24/2017 11:50:23 AM
So with the still and fermenter lid option, you can brew liquor?
Yes, you can distill. You can also do this with the Mash & Boil (see item B27) which is in stock.
10/16/2017 6:51:43 AM
Do you have spare silicon seals for the spare arm ?
Yes, search for our item X07 on our site.
10/6/2017 3:33:19 PM
Do you ship to Canada?
No, only to addresses with US zip codes.
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