Riptide® Brewing Pump

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  • High performance curved blade impeller and strong rare earth magnets deliver 7 GPM and up to 21ft of lift
  • Tri-clamp head connection fully disassembles in seconds for easy cleaning
  • 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet connections
  • Totally enclosed motor is splash proof and super quiet (50 dB)
  • Integral linear flow valve for superior flow control - don't spend more money for a separate valve and fittings.  
  • Integral air vent valve and partially enclosed impeller design allows you to prime the pump in seconds 
  • Stainless steel head rotates 360 degrees to fit in virtually any installation
  • Large stable base with protective rubber feet keeps the pump from tipping - a $25 retail value included
  • Convenient power switch on the base
  • Includes a 10ft long cord with plug (120V)
  • Base acts as a cord wrap for convenient storage
  • Assembled in USA from USA and imported components
Important Safety Notice: This pump, like all 110 volt items that run in potentially wet areas, should be plugged into a GFI protected outlet for safety.
Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Great Product - Even Better Service

Review by JJ on 5/1/2021

WB has old fashioned great customer service. You order something it goes out the same day, what a great company. The Riptide is a superb product, made in American product, well constructed and quiet as as church mouse, the old saying goes. Would buy again for sure.

Great Pumps!

Review by Josh Wade on 1/16/2019

These pumps are BEASTS! I got a pair of them to replace some old chugger pumps that were having constant impeller issues and I am not disappointed. The MT recirculation flow through my 50' herms coil has improved dramatically, which helps save time with the initial filling of the MT as well as cleanup time. The built-in linear flow control valve is also very nice to have. I still use a ball valve at my kettle inputs to initially slow the flow but I fine tune the flow with the linear flow valve. Please be aware that tightening the TC clamp too tight will cause the impeller to squeal at mid to high temps. It only needs to be tight enough to create a seal, do not over tighten... I took away 1 star because of the bleeder valve. It should have been designed better. The bleeder valve needs a towel and a bucket to avoid making a mess, but that isn't a huge deal for me. Just make sure you DO NOT bleed the air while the pump is on. Thats just asking for water/wort to be sprayed everywhere.

Worth it!

Review by Steve on 5/31/2018

This is a great pump. Plenty of power, with several great design features specifically for the home brewer. I especially like that it's splash proof, has an on/off switch, is easy to clean, and has a highly adjustable output valve. The air vent valve is great for priming, which elegantly takes care of what otherwise is the real Achilles' heel of mag drive pumps. I love this pump. I'd sleep with it, if my wife would let me.


Review by James Shreve on 1/1/2018

I ordered two Riptide Pumps for install with my HERMS System I just finished building out. I love these pumps, not only do they have great pumping rates and fully adjustable for moving or circulating my water and wort, they are also surprisingly quiet. I would definitely recommend this pump!

Dec 05, 2018 by Mark

Q: I did not see a temperature rating for the Riptide, what are the temperature limitations of the Riptide?

A: It is safe to pump liquids up to 212 F. Ambient temperature should never exceed 125 F.

Oct 09, 2018 by Joe

Q: How many hours at one time can the pump run for or reccomended for

A: The pump can run for two hours at a time easily.

May 15, 2017 by giampiero

Q: Hi, What is the max. flow and the power in watts?

A: 7 gallons per minute is its maximum output, and it uses 1 amp at 115 volts (115 watts)

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