Apr 01, 2021 by Hall

Q: Can I use Sealproof's gas line (5/16" ID x 9/16" OD; 8mm ID x 14mm OD) in lieu of EvaBarrier tubing? I already have this CO2 line.

A: This regulator fits 8mm outer diameter tubing (5/16"), so 14mm outer diameter is too large and would not fit.

Feb 11, 2021 by punkdigerati

Q: Would this be suitable for flow control of a carbonated beverage, say attached directly to the QD with 5ft line going to the shank?

A: We recommend this be used with gas only, so no.

Jan 07, 2021 by Greg Martin

Q: Which side is the feed and which goes to the keg?

A: The side with the gauge on it is the out side that goes to the keg.

Nov 07, 2020 by Tim

Q: Is there any difference between this valve and the sponding valve other than pressure?

A: The Blowtie Spunding Valve is more sensitive to lower pressures, the regulator cannot be used as a Spunding Valve accurately in the 0-15 PSI range.

Oct 21, 2020 by Phillip Bond

Q: How is it looking for inventory to be in in October?

A: Should be in stock around October 30th.

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