Jan 22, 2023 by Van

Q: What size pump work Accommodate the reflux distiller, instead of water hose?

A: Possibly the 25 watt KegLand Mark II item Q85, although the pressure is lower than house water pressure, so you will need to keep the incoming recirculating water temperature at 55 degrees F or lower for this to work, as their is less water being forced through the cooling coils. This is hard to do as you will need a lot of cold refrigerated water on hand.

Jan 11, 2021 by casey

Q: Can you use a gin basket on this model?

A: No, it does not have the proper threads

Oct 25, 2020 by Travis Long

Q: In the description you mentioned gin, and I have seen a gin basket that says it fits on digi boil systems. However I can't quite seem to see how it connects on and no site has pictures. has anyone successfully attached agent basket to the column still?

A: Item C13 is the item you need. This all stainless Botanical Basket replaces the securing nut on the Still Spirits T500 Reflex Stills and the Still Spirits Condenser so you can infuse clear alcohol with things like juniper berries to make gin. Fits our items C05, C10, and P34. Does not fit Kegland brand distilling columns.

Jun 30, 2019 by Dalton

Q: What size is are the cooling water fittings? Thinking of putting a garden hose adapter instead of the tubing nipples,

A: 1/2" interior diameter tubing is used for the cooling hose to and from the still head.

Jun 24, 2019 by Holbrook

Q: Is this set up for 110V or 220V? Thank you

A: 110 volt

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