Feb 17, 2019 by Steve

Q: With the pump version of the Mash and Boil, did they include additional screens and overflow tube like in the Robobrew v3 with pump to prevent grain from overflowing and reaching the bottom and scorching or getting into the pump inlet?

A: No, it has the same grain basket inside as the model without pump. Grain will not overflow because it is all contained in the basket. If the sparge is clogged due to a too fine grain crush or a lot of flaked adjuncts, throttle back the pump lever to reduce flow.

Jan 21, 2019 by Tinyee

Q: What's the max weight (lb) of grain it can hold?

A: 17 pounds

Jan 12, 2019 by Doug

Q: Can the pot still attachment be used for condensing steam during boiling?

A: The pot still attachment can be used for distilling water during boiling, if you boil water in the unit with the pot still attached, and cold water running through the still head, it will produce distilled water.

Dec 11, 2018 by Scott

Q: Is this a Robo Brew re branded ?

A: No

Dec 09, 2018 by Travis

Q: How difficult to clean this product?

A: A little harder than the Mash & Boil without Pump (item B27), because with the pump added, you have to add a gallon or so of clean water after use (and after cleaning the boiler) so you can run the pump and clean it out. After running for a few seconds to flush out the pump plumbing, drain the water and leave upside down to drip dry.

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