Nov 23, 2019 by Jim

Q: I bought the Mash and Boil before there was a recirc option. My mashes vary up to 15F from the target temp due to the internal control. Hence, no real control of my mash. Do you have a backfit option to make this unit useful?

A: The temperature swings you are seeing are just in the 1" pocket between the bottom of the basket and the element. The mash itself is not varying by more than a degree or two. If you look up the Facebook Mash & Boil forum, there are a lot of users who have rigged up inexpensive pumps.

Nov 21, 2019 by Amanda

Q: Does this have a false bottom below the mash basket, much like robobrew?

A: No, this has an enclosed mash basket, and does not have a false bottom below.

Nov 16, 2019 by Chuck

Q: Will this product do programmable steps for mash conversion?

A: No, you need to adjust the temperature each time you want to change it, it does not have automatic step programming.

Oct 12, 2019 by Jake G

Q: What is the specific threading for the circulation arm/pump? I want to attach a 3/8th barb to the pump so I can whirlpool with silicone tubing during hopstand.

A: 1/2 " NPT. Our product L86, L11, and L83 would make a 3/8" nipple that would screw onto the pipe the recirculation arm screws onto.

Sep 18, 2019 by Jeff

Q: Are the heating elements and pump replaceable should they malfunction?

A: The pump is replaceable but the heating elements are not, which is the same for all units from the Grainfather to the Brewzilla. The heating element is protected by two things - a 5 degree differential to prevent short cycling, and a thermal cutoff switch that cuts off power if it senses the bottom of the boiler getting too hot.

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